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  • What is MedicAlert?
    A: MedicAlert International Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, membership organization. We provide medical IDs, paired with 24/7 life-saving services to millions of people in the United States and around the world. In emergencies or times of need, we provide members’ critical health and identification information to first responders. This information exchange empowers first responders to act promptly to protect and save lives.

    How does it work?
    A: MedicAlert Foundation was the first to establish the idea of medical identification over 60 years ago. The simple, straightforward concept of connected safety has stood the test of time and remains a life-saving service for millions of people who face an emergency every day. This is how it works:

    • Your MedicAlert ID. A member engraves an ID of their choice with their critical health and/ or identifying information. Your ID also includes MedicAlert's toll-free phone number, along with your unique MedicAlert ID number.
    • Our 24/7 Emergency Response services. In an emergency, a first responder or Good Samaritan will see your MedicAlert ID and contact our 24/7 Emergency Response Team. Using your unique MedicAlert ID number on your ID, our trained specialists with share your health and personal information with the first responder.
    • Your Health Record. In addition to your physical ID, you will have an online health record. In an emergency, our 24/7 Emergency Response Team retrieves your MedicAlert health record and provides critical medical information that will allow first responders to treat you quickly and effectively. We will also provide your personal identification and emergency contact information to ensure you are quickly reunited with loved ones. If you are being transported to a facility, MedicAlert will also fax or email your health record so your information is available upon arrival.

    For information about how our services may fit your needs, visit Memberships

    Who should wear a MedicAlert ID?
    A: Approximately 650,000 emergency calls are received in the United States each day. You will benefit from MedicAlert membership, if you:

    • want your critical health and personal information conveyed, or made available, 24/7
    • have a medical condition such as Alzheimer's/ dementia, asthma, autism, blood disorders, epilepsy/ seizures, heart disease or hypertension
    • have allergies (e.g. food and drug)
    • have an implanted device (e.g., coronary stent, pacemaker, cochlear implants, etc.)
    • want your health directives and end-of-life care wishes known (e.g. DNR, Power of Attorney, Living Wills, etc.)
    • travel frequently or for extended periods of time
    • practice a healthy and active lifestyle (e.g. athletes, cyclists, runners, divers, etc.)

    When should I wear my MedicAlert ID?
    A: You should always wear your MedicAlert ID to ensure you are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our Emergency Response Team can also be reached from outside the United States (U.S.) by calling 209-634-4917. MedicAlert supports your needs globally and works anytime, from anywhere.

    How much does MedicAlert cost?
    A: Our vision is a world where every person is safer and more protected because there is a reliable, 24/7 resource in place to share critical information when you need it. We know that everyone has different needs, that’s why we offer a range of Medical IDs and Membership plans at different price points. We are a nonprofit, so our goal is not to make a profit, but rather to ensure we are able to continue providing life-saving services to as many people as possible. If you cannot afford an ID or Plan, please contact our Member Services team to apply for financial hardship.

    How are you different from other medical ID companies?
    A: MedicAlert Foundation was the first to establish the idea of medical identification over 60 years ago. MedicAlert IDs are the original medical IDs, recognized and trusted by first responders around the globe. We are also more than just a product. Along with your medical ID, we provide membership plans that include 24/7 support from our Emergency Response team, which means you have a life-saving team by your side, ready and waiting to help you navigate any emergency. Membership benefits range from document storage to emergency contact notification to follow-up to treating facilities to ensure they have all the information needed to treat you effectively. Also, unlike our competitors we are a nonprofit organization, which means as MedicAlert member you are part of a community committed to personal and public safety. We provide training and education for the first responder community to ensure they understand the benefits of our service and look for your ID in an emergency.

    Learn more About Us.

    How does MedicAlert fulfill on its mission to save and protect lives by providing information during our members’ moments of need?
    A: MedicAlert’s mission extends into the following:

    • Protecting the Public – We protect some of the most vulnerable populations - whether it’s a child facing a severe food allergy, an individual with a history of cardiac issues, an autistic child or parent with Alzheimer’s at risk for wandering - MedicAlert is a reliable resource in times of need.
    • Offering a Solution for the MedicAlert Moment Anytime, Anywhere – Whether traveling or at home, we provide peace of mind for anyone, anywhere at any time. We are also a dependable resource for families and communities worried about loved ones wandering or getting lost.
    • Partnering with Emergency Providers/ the Medical Community – We provide a standardized tool for first responders to help improve their care and results. MedicAlert serves as the link between members and first responders, or other medical professionals, during emergencies and other times of need, or what we call your MedicAlert Moment. This immediate access to information helps providers diagnose a person’s issue sooner, reduce errors, improve safety, and support both better care and outcomes
    • Ensuring Those in Need Have a MedicAlert Bracelet – Millions of adults and children in the U.S. suffer from conditions that require them to wear a MedicAlert ID, but they don’t have the financial means to pay for one. As the only nonprofit providing medical IDs, MedicAlert proudly sponsors 1 out of every 4 of our members.

    Can I store more than medical information in my health record?
    A: Yes. In addition to medical emergency information, with a MedicAlert membership you have access to an online health record where you can safely store personal identifying information, physician information, instructions and documents, such as treatment protocols and even certain legal documents, such as Do Not Resuscitate (DNR), Living Will, or Power of Attorney.

    For information about how our services may fit your needs, visit Memberships.

    Who has access to my MedicAlert information?
    A: MedicAlert only shares your information with first responders during your moments of need. First responders, paramedics, police officers, and firefighters are trained to recognize MedicAlert bracelets or emblems and to contact us in situations where our members cannot speak for themselves. In a moment of need, we provide information stored in your record, and then depending on the service you have selected, we may notify your emergency contact to ensure you are quickly reunited with loved ones.

    For information about how our services may fit your needs, visit Memberships.

    How does MedicAlert Foundation protect my privacy?
    A: MedicAlert Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, recognizes that visitors to our site may be concerned about the information they provide to us, online or otherwise, and how we treat that information. Our Privacy Policy addresses those concerns. MedicAlert respects the privacy of all our supporters, whether members, donors, members of our mailing lists, or visitors to our website. All information concerning donors or prospective donors, including their names, addresses and telephone numbers, the names of their beneficiaries, the amounts of their gifts, etc., shall be kept strictly confidential by MedicAlert, its staff and volunteers, unless permission is obtained from donors to release such information. MedicAlert will not sell, rent or trade names, postal addresses, email addresses or phone numbers with any other entity.

    Read our full Privacy Policy. Should you have questions regarding our Privacy Policy, contact us at [email protected].

    I placed an order online and I need to make changes to it, how can I do this?
    A: If you submitted your order online and need to make a change, please call our Member Services team between 6:00 – 4:30pm , Monday-Friday at 1-800-432-5378 or Contact Us via email.

    I live outside the United States can I still place an order with you?
    A: Yes, MedicAlert protects members worldwide. Shipping fees vary based upon location, so please contact our Member Services team to assist you with setting up your order or Contact Us via email.

    We also have an international network, including Affiliates around the globe.

    I don’t want to receive mail or emails from you, how do I opt-out?
    A: If you no longer wish to receive marketing information including product promotions or other marketing materials, please use the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of all emails, call our Member Services team or Contact Us via email, and we’ll make sure to add these preferences to your account.

    Can I be reimbursed through Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)?
    A: MedicAlert memberships and our medical ID products are qualified reimbursable expenses under FSAs and HSAs. For specific information on medical FSAs, talk to your human resources department or tax specialist.

  • How do I enroll in a MedicAlert membership?

    A: It’s easy to enroll! To get started:

    • Online you have a few options from our Homepage, including:
      • Select the ‘Get Started’ button to jump right into the engraving process, or;
      • Select the red ‘Enroll’ button on the top right of your screen, or;
      • Navigate to the Medical IDs page and choose your ID, or’
      • Navigate to the Memberships page, select your Plan and then choose an ID
    • By phone: If you need assistance enrolling, call our Members Services team at 1-800-432-5378, 6:00-4:30 PT, Monday-Friday for assistance.

    What are the different membership plans?
    A: We’ve simplified our membership plans, which means more flexibility to choose the protection you want. Once you’ve selected and engraved your MedicAlert ID, you can now choose between our Basic, Advantage or Advantage Plus plans. All plans ensure you get the 24/7 emergency protection you’ve come to know and trust from MedicAlert.

    For information about how our services may fit your needs, visit Memberships.

    My membership is expiring soon or has already expired, how do I renew?
    A: Members will receive notification via email and direct mail when their membership is coming due for renewal. You have the option to renew online, by phone or by mail.

    To renew online, first, login to your account. When logged in, members who are DUE TO RENEW, will see a red alert message at the top of their profile, letting them know they are due to renew and providing a link to renew online. If your membership has already expired, first login to your account. Members who are PAST DUE, will see a similar red alert message at the top of their profile, letting them know their membership has expired and providing a link to renew online. PAST DUE members will not be able to access their health record until they renew their membership.

    If you are due to renew or past due, you will also see a ‘Renew’ link in the top hand navigation next to ‘Home’ once you’ve logged into your account.

    To renew by phone, call our Member Services team between 6:00 – 4:30 PT, Monday-Friday at 1-800-432-5378.

    To renew by mail, please use the buck slip provided with your renewal notice and mail it to: PO Box 21009, Lansing, MI, 48909-1009.

    Will my membership automatically renew?
    A: Yes. According to our Terms and Conditions, when you renew your membership online or over the phone, you are agreeing to enroll in auto-renewal for your membership term. Automatic renewal ensures that your MedicAlert membership continues without interruption, and saves you time and effort. You will receive a reminder about the automatic renewal by email approximately 30 days prior to your scheduled renewal date.

    Can I opt out of automatic renewal?
    A. Yes. To opt out of automatic renewal, contact our Member Services team prior to your renewal date. You can contact us by email or phone at 1-800-432-5378.

    How do I cancel my membership?
    A. You may cancel your membership at any time, but please note that membership fees are non-refundable. To cancel, please contact MedicAlert Member Services at 1-800-432-5378 before your annual renewal date. If you cancel prior to your renewal date, you will continue to have access to the MedicAlert service through the end of your membership subscription period. You can read our full full terms of service here.

    Can I change my plan?
    A: Yes, if you wish to upgrade your plan, you may do so at any time during your plan term. To change your current plan please contact our Member Service team between 6:00 – 4:30 PT, Monday-Friday at 1-800-432-5378 or Contact Us via email.

    You’re a non-profit, why is there an annual renewal fee?
    A: MedicAlert is a non-profit 501(c)(3), membership organization and as a result we are not in business to make a profit but rather to serve the public. For us to serve you and other members, we use money made by our product and membership sales to support our services including the operation of our 24/7 Emergency Response Team, first responder education programs and sponsorship of members in need. Your renewal fees allow us to make a difference for millions of Americans who experience emergencies every day and ultimately helps us fulfill our mission to save and protect more lives.

    I can’t afford a membership. Can I apply for financial hardship?
    A: Yes, please call our Member Services team or Contact Us via email if you want to apply for financial hardship. We will share the hardship requirements, form and any additional information.

    As the only nonprofit providing medical IDs, MedicAlert proudly sponsors 1 out of every 4 of our members. We can sponsor those facing financial hardship through donations, grants and money raised through the sale of our products and memberships. As a nonprofit organization, MedicAlert Foundation reserves the right to modify this program to assure fairness in its implementation as well as adequate annual funding. Although MedicAlert Foundation’s intent is to extend sponsored services to anyone who needs our emergency medical information service but cannot afford it, the number of sponsored individuals annually are limited to the resources available from money received on behalf of this program.

    Each Sponsored individual receives one year of sponsored services after which time we require all sponsored individuals to resubmit financial hardship.

  • Why should I wear a MedicAlert ID?

    A: Everyone has a story to share. That's why MedicAlert IDs are engraved with your most critical information, so just in case you can't speak or remember those details in your moment of need, we will for you. If you are wearing a MedicAlert ID, emergency responders and health professionals will have access to your most critical information immediately and be alerted to call MedicAlert to get additional medical information. This ensures you are protected and receive proper treatment and care when it matters most.

    Why can’t I engrave whatever I want on my ID?

    A: We’ve made some changes to the engraving process to make it easier for both our members and the first responder community. You can now select what you want to engrave on your ID from a database of conditions, medications and other key information validated by health professionals. This means you don’t need to worry about spelling anything wrong or engraving something an emergency responder may not understand. We decided to no longer allow free-form typing because this is critical for our ability to ensure you receive the fastest, most effective care during your MedicAlert moment.

    What if I need to engrave something that is not available?

    A: If you don’t see what you want to engrave in our database, no worries, just call our Member Services team or Contact Us via email. Our database is always growing, and we will continue to ensure it’s updated with medical data validated by healthcare professionals.

    How can I get an ID engraved with Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)?

    A: During the online engraving process, select your state-specific DNR from the ‘Advance Directive’ category in the engraving tool. You can place an order online, but you will need to email or mail us the state approved documentation at your earliest convenience for us to complete your order. We must receive the proper legal documentation for the member’s place of residence before we process your order.

    To find your documentation, please click on your state below.









    District of Columbia





















    New Hampshire

    New Jersey

    New Mexico

    New York

    North Carolina

    North Dakota





    Rhode Island

    South Carolina

    South Dakota







    West Virginia



    What types of medical IDs do you have?

    A: MedicAlert IDs are the original medical IDs, recognized and trusted by first responders around the globe. MedicAlert serves a diverse set of people and we are proud to offer a range of IDs to suit each person’s unique needs and style. Our styles range from sports bands to gold necklaces to dog tags to shoe tags.

    Search our Medical IDs to find one that’s right for you.

    If I don’t want to wear a medical ID, do you have other options?

    A: Yes, we offer several accessories including key chains, shoe tags and a fillable wallet card. The wallet card has ample space to write in your medical conditions, medications, allergies, and emergency contacts. Click here to shop the wallet card, or here to see other accessories.

    Do you offer the push button service I saw on TV?

    A: MedicAlert does not provide a push button service. However, we recommend push buttons services offered by Philips Lifeline. We have a partnership with Philips Lifeline and as a result our members receive a discount on their products. To learn more, visit our Philips Lifeline page for more details.

    Do I have to be a member, or can I just purchase a MedicAlert ID?

    A: We do offer an option to purchase a medical ID or wallet card only, without a MedicAlert membership. Anyone who purchases only an ID will have a MedicAlert membership number engraved on their ID and anyone who only purchases a wallet card will have a membership number assigned to them and listed on their sales receipt. However, anyone without a MedicAlert membership will not have access to an online health record and any of the other benefits of our membership plans offer. If you experience an emergency and a first responder calls our 24/7 Emergency Response team the only information available will be what is engraved on your ID or available on your wallet card.

  • Returns

    • Medical IDs are personalized for you and engraved with your requested information. All medical IDs are custom-ordered, individually sized, and are non-refundable.
    • All other non-custom products are accepted for credit or exchange, if returned in saleable condition within 30 days of the purchase date.


    • All IDs, chains and attachments are warranted against defects in material or workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase. We strongly advise that you carefully inspect your purchase for defects or errors upon receipt. This warranty does not cover:
      • Normal wear and tear; tarnishing of non-coated silver; or scratching of the emblem, chain or attachments
      • Repairs made by anyone other than MedicAlert’s skilled jewelry team
      • Damage resulting from misuse or accidental handling
      • Lost or misplaced products
      • Changes to engraved information

    Resizing & Repairs

    • Resizing and repair services are available for certain products such as Chain Link bracelets.
    • Resizing and repair services are not available for certain products such as Stretch Band Bracelets, Sports Bands, Leather Bracelets, Necklace Chains and Paracords.
    • Fees apply to resize and repair eligible products. For inquiries, contact us or call us at 1-800-432-5378
  • How do I login to my account/ health record?
    A: To login to your online health record, select the Login button on the upper right-hand side of the top navigation bar. You will need to enter your username/ email and your password. If you cannot remember your username or password, click the ‘Forgot Username or Password’ link to reset.

    How do I update my health information?
    A: First login to your account and then you will see your health record. Your health record is organized with the below categories. For all sections use the red navigation buttons to expand the section, add an item or delete an item. If you are in edit mode and make changes, be sure to hit the ‘Save’ button in the bottom right of each category section. Unless specified, members will be able to choose key data points (i.e. medications, immunization name, etc.) from our pre-populated database.

    • Member Profile: basic information including name, last four of SSN, DOB, gender, phone numbers, address and email address
    • Allergies: allergy name, anaphylaxis reaction, other reaction
    • Medications: medication name, dosage, frequency
    • Medical: the following sub-categories include your core medical information
      • Conditions: condition name
      • Surgeries: surgery name, date
      • Medical Devices: device name, serial number, date of implantation
      • Immunizations: immunization name, date
    • Patient Instructions: instructions such as ‘My Name Is..’ or other wishes you’d want known in an emergency

    ONLY IF you have an ADVANTAGE or ADVANTAGE PLUS membership will you be able to edit and add to the following sections.

    • Identifying Information: key identifying information needed as part of our 24/7 Wandering Support program
    • Emergency Contacts: name, address, phone #s, relationship, primary contact

    ONLY IF you have ADVANTAGE PLUS membership will you be able to edit and add to the following sections.

    • Advance Directive/ DNR: add your state specific DNR
    • Documents: select document type, upload document
    • Medical Providers: name, specialty, address, phone #s, primary medical contact

    Please refer to our Membership Plans for more information.

    Where do I find my Account information?
    A: Once you are logged in to your account, you will see a tab under the ‘My Health Records’ section for ‘Account Information.’ From here you can navigate to the following sections:

    • Overview: member ID#, renewal date, membership plan, date your health record was last updated, personal information
    • Services: current plan and benefits
    • Change Password: ability to change your account password
    • Customer Support: contact details for our Member Services Center

    I don’t see where I can upload my documents, including DNRs, or add my physician contacts?
    A: You must be enrolled in the ADVANTAGE PLUS plan to have access to these three sections. For information about how our services may fit your needs, visit Memberships

    I forgot my username and/or password, what should I do?
    A: There are two options for a member to update their username and/or password:

    • If you are NOT logged in, navigate to the Login button and select the ‘Forgot Username/ Password’ link in the Login popup.
    • If you are logged in, you can change your password by navigating to the ‘Change Password’ section in your Account profile.
  • Do I have to be a member to donate?
    A: No, anyone can donate to MedicAlert. On the new website, visitors can navigate to the Donate page and choose a pre-selected donation amount or enter an amount of their choosing. Donors can also choose to make a one-time or monthly donation.

    Anyone that donates online will receive an email receipt. Anyone that elects to donate monthly will receive an email receipt each time their credit card is charged each month.

    Can I mail a check to donate?
    A: Yes, we still accept one-time check donations. Go to our Donate page and select donate ‘By Mail’ for the necessary form and instructions for mailing a donation check.

    I meant to select a one-time donation but see my receipt says I’ve setup a monthly donation. How do I change this?
    A: If you accidently selected the wrong donation option, please contact our Member Service team between 6:00 – 4:30pm , Monday-Friday at 1-800-432-5378, and they will assist you.

    What does my donation support?
    A: We're proud to say that 100% of donations support our charitable programs. As a donor to MedicAlert Foundation, your generous contribution enables our life-saving support for emergency situations. Donations allow us to operate our 24/7 Emergency Response service, sponsor 1 out of 4 members and train and educate first responders to look for your MedicAlert ID.

    Are donations tax-deductible?
    A: Yes, MedicAlert Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, there your donation is tax-deductible. Please check with your personal financial consultant or tax advisor for details.

    What is MedicAlert's Federal Tax ID number?
    A: MedicAlert's Federal Tax ID number is #94-1494446.