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And the only one backed by 24/7 Emergency Services
to relay your critical medical information in times of need.

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More than just a piece of jewelry, MedicAlert provides peace of mind and the freedom to live your life knowing our Emergency Response Team is there for you around the clock.

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Everyone has a story to share. That's why MedicAlert IDs are engraved with your most critical information, so just in case you can't speak or remember those details, we will for you.

Medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, allergies, autism, blood disorders, epilepsy, heart disease or diabetes can touch anyone, but your MedicAlert ID and membership will give you the peace of mind to enjoy life.

MedicAlert speaks for its members in an emergency

Because of our partners, we're doing more good for more people.

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With MedicAlert, first responders and health professionals have access to your vital information in any time of need.

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