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Women wearing the classic medical ID holding a coffee cup with heart shaped foam

Living with Cerebral Palsy and Seizure Disorder

Living with Cerebral Palsy and Seizure Disorder: How MedicAlert Saved My Life When someone has chronic medical conditions and lives alone, it can be scary

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Living with Epilepsy: From Ad Exec to Pageant Queen

“Living with epilepsy, I feel more safe, more calm with MedicAlert,” says Alexandra Debourcy. Find out why, and follow her epilepsy journey.

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Learning to Manage Epilepsy

Diagnosed at the age of 10, Bruno’s been battling his condition for over 30 years. And as you can imagine, living with a chronic medical condition at such an early age, he has overcome many obstacles throughout his life. From managing epilepsy as a child, teenager and young adult, Bruno has faced adversity with strength

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Member story: Connor Doran

Winning Against Childhood Epilepsy

At age four, he started to experience seizures that would occur several times each day. When he was diagnosed with epilepsy, his doctor recommended that Connor start to wear a MedicAlert bracelet. His mother, Amy Doran, said that his MedicAlert membership gives her a peace of mind knowing that when they aren’t together

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