MedicAlert Foundation Announces Partnership with Epilepsy Foundation

September 16, 2021

MedicAlert Foundation and Epilepsy Foundation  announce partnership to provide lifesaving seizure education  and digital seizure action plans. New York, NY — November 23, 2020 Epilepsy Foundation and MedicAlert Foundation are launching a partnership to help people with epilepsy proactively manage their condition, while enhancing the information provided to first responders in an emergency. Initiatives include […]

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Member Stories

Learning to Manage Epilepsy

June 29, 2021

Diagnosed at the age of 10, Bruno’s been battling his condition for over 30 years. And as you can imagine, living with a chronic medical condition at such an early age, he has overcome many obstacles throughout his life. From managing epilepsy as a child, teenager and young adult, Bruno has faced adversity with strength

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