Living with Cerebral Palsy and Seizure Disorder: How MedicAlert Saved My Life

When someone has chronic medical conditions and lives alone, it can be scary to think about how often they may be at risk for a medical emergency.

For long-time MedicAlert member Lynn, that fear has been eliminated by knowing that help is only a call away, especially living with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. In Lynn’s case, her MedicAlert ID gives her the peace of mind to work full time and maintain a full and active life.

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A busy lifestyle with cerebral palsy and seizure disorder

Lynn shares that she has been a proud MedicAlert member since 1997, when she took a full-time position as a Senior Telephone Operator. Because of her history of cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder, she decided to join the MedicAlert Foundation to protect herself in case of a medical emergency. “Using MedicAlert has been a great experience for me— especially living alone,” Lynn says.

Because she wears her medical ID bracelet to notify first responders of her diagnoses, she is confident that MedicAlert can be her voice in an emergency. Without it, “By the time a family member or a neighbor realizes something is wrong, it could be catastrophic or even deadly for someone with medical issues like mine.”   

Despite her medical history, Lynn is determined to lead a busy lifestyle. Even though cerebral palsy limits mobility and in some cases independence, she strives to overcome these obstacles in her everyday life. She has owned her own home for 28 years and drives her own car to and from a Park & Ride lot to commute to work and run errands via public transit. “I enjoy watching movies and going out with friends when I am not working at my job,” she explains. “If our schedules don’t allow us to, I will go solo because I never miss out on a good time!”

Lynn adds, “I also enjoy listening to music every day, and I win contests off of the local radio stations in the area. I have even been lucky enough to win free money!”

How MedicAlert saves lives in a medical crisis

Since receiving her first MedicAlert bracelet, Lynn states it has saved her life numerous times. Her customized medical ID provides first responders with her history of cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, and deep vein thrombosis. It also shares any other details important to her care, such as medications she takes and her allergies to baclofen and penicillin.

Facts About
Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is caused by brain damage that occurs before, during, or shortly after birth.

Muscle problems can be mild (stiff or clumsy) or severe (unable to walk or move certain muscles at all).

Treatment can help relieve the symptoms of cerebral palsy.

Source: CDC.Gov

It was the red MedicAlert emblem on my seatbelt that alerted the police and EMS about my medical condition and helped them to notify my doctor and family.

“I had a seizure in 2007 after coming home from a stressful day at work and it was the MedicAlert bracelet that assisted me in relaying critical information to the medical personnel for the EMS team and hospital staff,” she says. “I also had it save me after a medication interaction when I wasn’t feeling well at 1:30 in the morning in August of 2022 and again in September of 2022 for the same reason.”  

Along with her medical ID bracelet, Lynn uses a MedicAlert seatbelt ID holder in her vehicle. “In November 2022, I was in a car accident,” Lynn recalls. “It was the red MedicAlert emblem on my seatbelt that alerted the police and EMS about my medical condition and helped them to notify my doctor and family.”

Lynn shares, “I am extremely proud to be a MedicAlert member and donor to assist others like me— but who may be less fortunate— to afford the same peace of mind: that when they are alone or out with others who are not aware of their medical conditions, they will get the assistance they need in a medical crisis. THANK YOU!” 

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