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Our Life with Autism

If not for Brandon’s MedicAlert band, I don’t know what would’ve happened when he wandered off at an amusement park last year during Memorial Day weekend. We were all standing in line for the Iron Dragon for a long time. For the first time, my youngest sons met the height requirements for the rollercoaster. I was going

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Young man in his 20s

Navigating Autism and Wandering

20-year old Matthew didn’t have a wandering incident until he became a teenager. Matthew first wandering from his high school campus and a few months later, leaving the house in the middle of the night, Matthew’s mother Bonnie decided it was time to enroll him in MedicAlert. These wandering incidents have become all too

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Keeping Children with Autism Safe

Although he takes on the world bravely, Joshua lives with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), anxiety, and other health conditions. When he feels safe and happy, Joshua’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious. But when he feels nervous or scared, or when he’s somewhere unfamiliar, he has the propensity to wander or run away.

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My Son with Autism Wanders

Nine-year old Brandon can usually be found playing in his tree house or out in the yard exploring. He has autism, and although many kids with autism wander, Brandon wasn’t typically one of them. There had only been a few instances while in the company of his mom, dad or four siblings that Brandon had wandered off.

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