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How MedicAlert Works

how medicalert id works
your medical id

The physical connection to your health and personal information. Your medical ID is the pathway for first responders and health professionals to retrieve your vital information through MedicAlert's Live 24/7 Emergency Response Service. Your medical ID includes MedicAlert's toll-free phone number, along with you unique ID number, which is used to obtain information through the Live 24/7 Service.

our 24/7 medical services

MedicAlert retrieves information from details engraved on your medical ID. In an emergency, first responders will contact MedicAlert’s Live 24/7 Emergency Response Service to get your full health and personal information. The first responders will provide MedicAlert with your unique ID number, which MedicAlert’s trained specialists will then use to access your MedicAlert health record.

your personal health record

Your medical history is communicated via information within your MedicAlert health record. While communicating with first responders, MedicAlert will retrieve your MedicAlert health record and provide your health history - including medical conditions, medications/dosages, allergies, past surgical history. We will also provide your personal identification and emergency contact information to ensure you are quickly reunited with loved ones. If you are being transported to a facility, MedicAlert will also fax your health record so your information is available upon arrival.

your proper treatment and care with member id

Your medical ID and services are designed to ensure you receive the best treatment and care. By using your medical ID to obtain your full health and personal information, MedicAlert is ensuring that first responders and health professionals have a 360-degree view of your health. This removes the threat of medical errors, and ensures you are receiving optimal care during your emergency.

How MedicAlert Works