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Living With Epilepsy

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If you are living with epilepsy—or have a family member, friend, neighbor or loved one with the condition—you know the hardships that are associated with having seizures. Seizures can cause confusion, injury, uncontrolled movement, or the inability to speak or move.

Sometimes seizures happen when you’re just trying to live your life; going to work, to school, or running errands. The people around you may not recognize a seizure when it happens. This is scary and dangerous because you can be seriously injured if not cared for properly. That’s why a medical ID is critical for people living with epilepsy—to alert others to your condition.

Benefits of a MedicAlert ID and Membership
for people living with epilepsy:

  • We're your voice: If you can’t speak for yourself, your ID will speak for you, informing others about your epilepsy and any medications you are taking.
  • 24/7 emergency protection: Our team will relay all of your critical medical information to first responders in an emergency, no matter where or when it happens.
  • Stay connected: You should never be alone in an emergency, that’s why MedicAlert will reach out to your emergency contacts when needed if you are unable to do so.
  • Live with confidence: The freedom to live your life with epilepsy, knowing that MedicAlert is there for you.
Living With Epilepsy