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Living with a Transplant

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Receiving an organ transplant – or becoming a living organ donor – is a life-changing event. If you’ve received a new kidney, liver, heart, lung or other organ, the transplant can mean a new lease on life. For the living donor, it’s a chance to help someone in desperate need of a healthy organ. For both recipients and donors, staying safe and healthy afterwards is your number one priority. That’s why wearing a medical ID is critically important for transplant recipients and living donors.

In an emergency first responders need to know about your transplant status, if certain diagnostic tests are contraindicated, and if you're taking medications like anti-rejection drugs that could affect your treatment. First responders are trained to look for MedicAlert IDs. When a first responder contacts MedicAlert’s 24/7 emergency response team, we’ll relay your emergency medical history so you can receive the proper care and treatment. If you’ve had an organ transplant or donated an organ, wearing a MedicAlert ID can save your life in an emergency.

Benefits of a MedicAlert ID and Membership:

  • We’re Your Voice: If you have an accident or medical emergency and can’t speak for yourself, your ID will relay your unique medical needs as a transplant recipient or organ donor to a first responder.
  • 24/7 Emergency Protection: Our team will relay your critical medical information to first responders in an emergency. This is vital for organ donors or people with transplants who need to avoid certain medical tests or specific drug interactions.
  • Stay Connected: No one should be alone in their moment of need. In an emergency, MedicAlert will reach out to your emergency contacts if you are unable to do so.
  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy the confidence to live your life as a transplant recipient or organ donor, knowing that MedicAlert is there for you when you need us most.

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Living with a Transplant