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24/7 Wandering Support

for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


In 2018 the CDC determined that approximately 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Wandering is a major concern and real threat for parents and caregivers of children with autism. The statistics are staggering:

  • Nearly 50% of individuals with autism will wander or bolt from safe setting.
  • For children with autism who wander and are under the age of ten, 42% of outcomes will result in tragedy because those with ASD are often drawn to bodies of water or traffic situations, making the wandering situation more dangerous.
  • More than one third of children with autism who wander/elope are never or rarely able to communicate their name, address, or phone number

MedicAlert Foundation is committed to turning these tragedies into successful family reunification stories.

MedicAlert’s mission is to save and protect lives by sharing information during our members’ moments of need. As a MedicAlert member you are part of a community committed to personal and public safety.


Reasons your loved one needs a MedicAlert ID and membership:

  • Communicates your loved one’s autism-related condition
  • States other conditions, allergies, or medications to avoid potential medical error
  • Serves as a signal to law enforcement that your loved one has autism
  • Speaks for your loved one when they cannot, especially important for non-verbal individuals
  • 24/7 Wandering Support Program offers a community network including local law enforcement who work with us to quickly locate missing persons and reunite them with a caregiver or a family member

Our vision is to ensure every person affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder has a medical ID from MedicAlert and membership to ensure live-saving services. Join us in our effort to reduce the number of wandering tragedies. Make MedicAlert part of your medical support team today.


Partnership with Law Enforcement

Missing person and wandering incidents are a major concern for law enforcement. That’s why we offer 24/7 Wandering Support services to address wandering emergencies for children and adults with autism spectrum and developmental disorders.

The service and information Medic Alert is able to provide in these incidents is proven to save time, resources, and most importantly, lives.

To further its commitment to assisting law enforcement and community members, MedicAlert has created the LEAP program.



Member Success Story Miles (7-years old)

A MedicAlert medical ID and 24/7 Wandering Support service was critical in protecting seven-year old Miles Green who decided to “walk to France” in the middle of the night after seeing some of his favorite characters on TV do the same thing. He was a few blocks away when a stranger noticed him walking alone late at night and near a very busy road.

Unable to communicate his parents’ information, the woman did notice Miles’ MedicAlert bracelet, which explains that he has autism and is prone to wander. She called the 800 number on the back of his bracelet, spoke to a MedicAlert emergency operator, Miles’ parents were then immediately contacted, and he was returned home safely.

“This situation is any parent's worst fear,” explains Jennifer Green, Miles’ mother. “It's such a relief as a mom to know that he has his bracelet on all the time, and that MedicAlert is there if we need them - anytime.”

Member Success Story Brandon (9 years old)

While his mom Aimee was away from the house, nine-year old Brandon was at home with his older siblings. Unaware that Brandon had figured out how to climb the fence, his older brother first assumed he was just around playing in the tree house. Soon after beginning to look for Brandon, he realized that he had wandered outside of the yard. Upon finding out her son was missing, Aimee went into an immediate state of panic.

When driving down the road, a woman saw a young boy walking barefoot in the middle of the road. She knew something wasn’t right when she made a few attempts to get the boy’s attention while he continued with no response. After pulling over her car; she immediately recognized Brandon’s MedicAlert medical ID bracelet with the inscription “Autism & Non-Verbal.” She immediately called the number on his bracelet connecting her to MedicAlert.

“I was driving around for less than two minutes when MedicAlert called me,” said Aimee, adding “Brandon would have kept going and ended up who knows where if the nice woman hadn’t stopped and saw his MedicAlert ID bracelet. MedicAlert told me exactly where I could go to pick up Brandon; I couldn’t help from being a blubbering mess and so grateful.” Aimee added “My parents were the ones who made the decision to get Brandon’s MedicAlert a few years back, that night I contacted my dad and told him how MedicAlert saved his life.”