Walgreens Resources for Health & Wellness

MedicAlert Foundation’s mission is to “protect and save lives.” We’re also dedicated to improving quality of life for our members. As part of this mission, we are excited to collaborate with Walgreens for Walgreens Find Care®.

Walgreens Find Care® is a digital platform and marketplace. It helps connect mobile and online visitors to healthcare services at Walgreens stores, and to a growing selection of recognized providers in the community, like MedicAlert.

This service makes it easier for you to navigate and search for local and digital healthcare services, with a wide range of offerings including neighborhood healthcare clinics, urgent care, telehealth, lab testing, medical services, and optical and hearing services in select markets.

If you’re a caregiver or someone living with a chronic medical condition, visit Walgreens Find Care® for helpful resources:

Examples of chronic conditions resources:

Women’s Health
Men’s Health
Hypertension/Cardiac Care
Brain Health

Looking for more information about specific medical conditions? Check out MedicAlert’s guides for people living with chronic medical conditions.

Also see all of MedicAlert’s Caregiver Resources for those caring for children or the elderly.

While Walgreens and MedicAlert are collaborating in this manner, the two organizations are not in a legal partnership.