MedicAlert Foundation Uses QR Code Technology To Improve Access to Personal Health Records

New tech-enabled products make health and vaccination records available anywhere, anytime – providing real time information for consumers and first responders.

Turlock, CA — June 15, 2021 As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, having quick access to health records and vaccine status is increasingly important in our day to day lives. In a world where health information is scattered across different providers and sequestered by privacy regulations, consumers are frustrated. MedicAlert Foundation, a 65-year-old non-profit, is helping consumers bridge the gap with new tech-enabled products that provide access to vital health information anytime, anywhere.

“When people think of MedicAlert, they usually think first of the iconic medical ID bracelet. But behind each MedicAlert ID is a full health profile that allows members to keep all their medical information in one place,” said Karen Cassel, CEO of MedicAlert. “What we’re doing with the QR code is making that health record portable, so members can quickly access their information from anywhere.”

MedicAlert is launching a new Smart Medical ID wallet card, which displays the consumer’s unique QR code linking to their MedicAlert health profile. Later in the year, MedicAlert will expand application of the QR code to wearable medical IDs, stickers, and other products.

MedicAlert’s health profile provides a detailed personal health record that includes information on medical conditions, medications, allergies, vaccinations, medical devices and patient instructions. It’s information that MedicAlert relays to first responders when a MedicAlert member experiences a medical emergency. With this new initiative, MedicAlert is making the health profile available to members anytime they need it by scanning a QR code.

“It happens all the time – you go to a new doctor, and they don’t have your history. Now a MedicAlert member can scan their QR code and pull up their information on the spot,” said Cassel. “And because the profile allows members to record their vaccination history – including details on their COVID vaccinations – it’s an easy way to show proof of vaccinations when needed for school, work, or travel.”

Since 1956, MedicAlert Foundation has been the leader in medical identification systems and serves a large community of people with chronic medical conditions. For years, people have trusted MedicAlert to keep them safe in an emergency. Wearable medical IDs are backed by a team of emergency response specialists on call 24/7 to communicate vital medical information to first responders. Providing emergency personnel with up-to-date health information improves outcomes, helping ensure the patient receives fast and accurate care.

According to Josefina Jervis, MedicAlert’s Chief Operations Office, the new technology will also benefit first responders. “Medical IDs work, but may only include a few lines of text. The QR code gives emergency personnel access to the member’s full health profile, which is especially important for people with complex medical conditions,” said Jervis.

Given the fractured nature of the healthcare landscape, MedicAlert’s goal with the tech-enabled products is to provide consumers with one place to keep their health information, and easy access to it when needed.

“It’s all about giving people control and agency over their health information,” Cassel stated. “Members control the information that goes into their MedicAlert profile, and they have the ability to update it at any time. The beauty of the QR code is that updates automatically, so your profile always reflects real time information.”