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New to MedicAlert?


Access your complete vaccination record.
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These days, a vaccine record is required for many things we do – work, school, camp, travel – even special events. Often, it’s hard to obtain your records. Your vaccinations could be listed on separate documents, or in different formats from varying providers. MedicAlert’s My Vaccination Records service provides one central place to safely record and easily access a lifetime of your vaccinations, wherever you go.

For just $9.95* a year, keep a digital record of your complete vaccination history in MedicAlert’s secure database. Log in anytime to easily update your immunization records. You can also download or print a copy of your vaccine history.

Get started today with the My Vaccination Records membership service ($9.95* per year) and Smart Medical ID Card ($10 one-time purchase). The Smart Medical ID Card carries your unique QR code. A quick scan from a smart phone camera provides immediate access to all the vaccine info in your profile.

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My Vaccination Records membership is perfect for your children, family members or loved ones who may not have a chronic medical condition, but need a secure digital record of their lifetime vaccinations.

To access your vaccination records on the go, scan the QR code on your Smart Medical ID Card with your phone camera. You’ll immediately see your vaccine records, and can share them if needed. Easy, secure and convenient.


MedicAlert is trusted by millions to hold their most important medical information in case of an emergency. We do the same for your vaccine records. Remember, MedicAlert Foundation will never sell or share your medical information or vaccination history with third parties. We only release information to qualified first responders as needed in an emergency. You control sharing of your data in non-emergency situations.

How to get your historical vaccination records?

In the United States, there is no central organization that maintains vaccination records. It’s up to you to find and keep your vaccination records up to date, as they may be needed for work, travel, or access to special events. The best bets for finding documentation of your past immunizations are:

  • Start with your doctor’s office. Just keep in mind that some offices may only keep records for a set number of years.
  • Also check with previous healthcare providers. Don’t forget visits to neighborhood clinics or urgent care for immunizations.
  • Contact your state’s health department. The CDC has a helpful directory of health departments by state. Some states have registries that include adult vaccines.
  • Some larger metro areas, including New York City and Philadelphia, have their own vaccine registries.
  • Check with former employers that may have required immunizations, including the military.
  • Your parents or family may have your childhood immunization records. Check baby books and other saved documents.
  • For your COVID-19 vaccinations, all the relevant information is included on the vaccination card you were given when the vaccines were administered.
How to find your child’s immunization records?

Keeping an accurate, up to date account of your child’s vaccine records is important. You may need to provide vaccination records for your child to participate in school, day care, camp, or sports. Some places to look are:

  • Check with your child’s pediatrician or clinic. If your child has seen multiple doctors at multiple locations, it’s recommended to check with each one to obtain their vaccination records.
  • Contact your state’s immunization registry to request an official copy of your child’s vaccine records.
  • Ask your child’s school. Most K-12 schools, colleges and universities keep their students’ vaccination records on file while they are active students, and for a year or two afterwards.
What vaccines are recommended for adults?

All adults need regular immunizations to maintain their health, reduce the spread of infectious disease, and protect public health. At a minimum, medical professionals recommend an annual influenza vaccine. In addition, adults need a booster for Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough) every 10 years. Other common vaccines recommended for adults are for shingles and pneumococcal disease. The CDC also recommends everyone aged 12 and above with no contraindications receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

The Immunization Action Coalition has a helpful guide to adult vaccines, The CDC has further immunization advice targeted to an adult’s age and health conditions. Always consult your personal physician for specific advice on the vaccines you need based on your age, health, occupation, and lifestyle. And be sure to keep detailed vaccination records to avoid having to repeat a vaccine.

What vaccines are recommended for children?

Many diseases that previously caused great harm for children have been mitigated by vaccines, including polio and measles. Babies receive their first vaccines at birth, and then have a regular schedule of vaccinations throughout each phase of childhood.

Consult your pediatrician to determine a vaccine schedule for your child. Remember to keep detailed childhood immunizations records for each child to ease their entry into child care or school.