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MedicAlert Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit membership organization.

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A medicalert member smiling with her beauty pageant sash
March 13, 2019
Looking at Alexandra DeBourcy, you would never guess that she has a single health concern, especially anything as serious as epilepsy, unless you happen to see the MedicAlert ID on her wrist. You would never know the 34-year-old former advertising executive once woke up from a seizure unable to remember... More ›
MedicAlert member walking in Manhattan
March 13, 2019
Sarah, a MedicAlert member since 1984, didn’t have time for a cold, much less a rare, life-threatening disease. She was too busy raising two kids and working as an executive at an advertising and marketing firm to face a diagnosis of primary amyloidosis. Doctors were baffled. Sarah was too young... More ›
March 8, 2019
We kicked off SXSW this morning with a panel on "The Value of Technology in Building the Blueprint for Healthy Communities". As the CEO of the MedicAlert Foundation, we are highly focused on being there for our members when they have a “MedicAlert Moment”. This can be a... More ›
A MedicAlert member sitting at a table discussing her medical condition
March 6, 2019
Like many social workers, Chrissy Shaver , a MedicAlert member since 2018, has a big heart full of compassion for people in need. Over the years, she has given her time and energy to help victims of rape and domestic abuse in New York. She used to be... More ›
A man taking his blood pressure with an at-home blood pressure monitor
January 23, 2019
High blood is one of the leading contributors of stroke and heart disease worldwide, yet the signs are just not that obvious What is obvious? Keeping routine doctor’s appointments with regular blood pressure screens (especially with a known family history of the condition)and avoiding high-risk lifestyle behaviors like smoking, binge... More ›
A woman in her thirties, long brown hair looking in the mirror to do a thyroid self-exam.
January 15, 2019
What does your thyroid do? Ask your friends, family, and colleagues what they know, chances are they’ll know they have one, but have no clue what it does, and why it is so important to their health. The lack of awareness about the existence of our thyroid gland is alarming... More ›
A group of five happy children smiling in a pile of fall leaves.
September 21, 2017
While many will soon be off to farmer’s markets buying bushels of harvest apples, pumpkins, and corn, others will be rushing to the nearest drug store for over-the-counter allergy medications and boxes of tissues. Fall can be the worst time of year for people with seasonal allergies. Along with dropping... More ›
A loving senior couple sitting on steps
June 21, 2017
For women and men, the risk for stroke doubles every 10 years after age 55. Although stroke is more common among the elderly, a lot of people under 65 also have strokes. Some risk factors are out of your control, but knowing they exist may help motivate you to work... More ›
A loving woman hugging her husband with Alzheimer's, both sitting on a blue couch.
May 26, 2017
In the beginning, increasing forgetfulness or mild confusion may be the noticeable first signs of Alzheimer’s disease. When experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s, some may notice that they are having abnormal difficulty arranging thoughts or remembering simple things. The Alzheimer’s Association has outlined the ... More ›
An open suitcase packed with clothes and a diabetes monitor laying on top.
May 15, 2017
Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, the key to a stress-free trip while living with Diabetes is planning ahead and being prepared. Use these helpful tips to ensure a worry-free travel experience: 1. Before traveling , confirm your medications, insulin doses, physician(s) information, emergency contacts, and all other pertinent... More ›