Nancy’s Story: Putting “Life” in MedicAlert Lifetime Membership

My name is Nancy, and I am a proud and happy MedicAlert Lifetime Member! In my 75 years, MedicAlert has seen me through some really critical moments brought on by allergic reactions to medicine. This is my story:

From the time I was a very young child, I suffered from recurring ear infections. At that time, penicillin was used to combat them, and I developed a penicillin allergy before I was even school-aged. As a youth, I often had strep throat, and I was treated with Erythrocin because of my penicillin allergy.

Just out of my teens, I had a critical case of strep throat accompanied by severe vomiting and was prescribed Compazine to alleviate the vomiting. The Compazine caused anaphylaxis, and I was rushed to a local hospital in anaphylactic shock. Once I recovered, I joined MedicAlert because I realized I needed help to manage my serious drug allergies and be able to fully enjoy my life without worry.

 As a young mother, I developed an allergy to Erythrocin when I was treated for a breast infection. Although my list of allergy triggers was growing, I was still confident going out into the world with my children because I wore my MedicAlert medallion at all times. I later developed another allergic reaction, this time to sulfa. MedicAlert added the sulfa allergy to my medallion, and I was able to continue living without fear.

Years later, I developed metastatic breast cancer that required surgery. MedicAlert literally saved my life at that point. As I was going into surgery, the anesthesiologist saw my MedicAlert ID and realized that he had to change his first choice for anesthesia because of my Compazine allergy. In my condition, an anaphylactic reaction to Compazine could have killed me. After surgery and chemo, I updated my MedicAlert online health profile to include the information that I can no longer have blood drawn or blood pressure taken on one side because of the 23 lymph nodes that were removed due to cancer.

Through it all, I’ve been able to raise my family and fulfill my love of travel. Even with my medical obstacles, I can still travel the world confidently (and I look forward to it once COVID19 restrictions have ended) thanks to my MedicAlert membership.

I wear the MedicAlert bracelet and carry the card in my wallet, secure in knowing that airline attendants are taught to look for these markers should a passenger develop medical problems on a flight. I greatly appreciate the confidence I have as a Lifetime MedicAlert member and I have shared MedicAlert information with friends to help protect them and their family members who have their own medical challenges.

I hope MedicAlert can make as much of a difference in their lives as it has in mine.