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MedicAlert Helps Reunite Husband and Wife after Wandering Incident

A few weeks ago, Carol awoke around 630am like she does every morning to start a pot of coffee before bringing her husband John his daily medications.

However, on that Monday morning, the last thing she was expecting was to find her husband had wandered from home. John was diagnosed with late-stage Alzheimer’s a few years ago, and this was his second time wandering.  

Carol would’ve likely noticed he was missing earlier, but because he’d been battling bronchitis for a few days, John had been sleeping in the guest room down the hall.

As she walked in and saw the bed empty she didn’t immediately panic. “I figured he may have just walked out to our screened-in patio area where he enjoyed getting some fresh air,” but she soon realized he wasn’t there or anywhere in sight.

“His slippers were sitting by the bed, so I knew wherever he was, he was barefoot and still in his pajamas.” Carol immediately called their local police department to report her husband missing and said he should be wearing his Safe Return ID , since he had it on when going to bed the night before.  

“I couldn’t help at this point to be frantic since I had no idea how long he’d been gone, or where he could possibly end up.”  

The Peace of Mind in Having MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return®

Within twenty minutes of notifying the police department, Carol received a call from MedicAlert. A Good Samaritan had seen John walking barefoot and about ready to cross a busy street.

When he pulled over and approached him, he realized John seemed disoriented and didn’t know where he lived or where he was going.

The man had noticed his MedicAlert bracelet, but first called 911. When the officer arrived, she advised paramedics to come look him over since he seemed cold and was coughing with some trouble breathing.

“After the officer spoke to MedicAlert, you guys called me to let me know John was okay and which hospital he was being taken. They wanted to ensure he didn’t need a breathing treatment.”  

Carol added, “Not knowing where my husband was and just how bad his cough had been made me so anxious and uneasy. If it wasn’t for his MedicAlert bracelet and that nice man who took the time to help him, I don’t know where he would’ve ended up or how his health would’ve been affected.”

“Thank you MedicAlert for helping to keep my husband safe. I am so very grateful.”

MedicAlert Team Member