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92% of parents report their children with autism have a tendency to wander

Autism is a diagnosis represented by many symptoms, some of which can lead to serious health and safety risks including death. Children with autism and adults with autism will often move away from something frightening or move towards something that interests them – potentially becoming lost. Wandering can be dangerous, even life threatening and the stress of an occurrence can weigh heavy on parents, caregivers and family. Family members can take steps to manage their loved one's information in case of a wandering or medical incident. MedicAlert Kid Smart is a 24/7 nationwide emergency response service for individuals with autism who wander or have a medical emergency, and provides 24/7 assistance, no matter when or where the person is reported missing.

When your child elopes, every moment matters

With MedicAlert Foundation®, you can be confident in knowing that your family is connected to the most dependable emergency support network.

MedicAlert services store your medical information and provide live 24/7 emergency response , alerting emergency responders about your vital medical information and ensuring you receive the most effective care to help save your life. With MedicAlert, you can be confident and live life fully knowing that your medical ID connects you to the most dependable emergency support network – because every moment matters.

Only MedicAlert provides emergency responders with your complete medical information, to speed your treatment and help save your life.

Only MedicAlert contacts your loved ones in real time during an emergency, keeping them in touch, informed, and involved every step of the way.

Only MedicAlert educates and trains emergency personnel so they respond to your medical ID by calling in for your information that can help save your life.