Legal Services

Not all emergencies are medical emergencies. When traveling, even from state to state, it's important to have legal representation familiar with local laws, regulations, and proceedings. Should a situation arise, TravelPlus can get you in contact with a qualified attorney.

Legal Services include:

  • Legal referrals - TravelPlus will provide contact information for qualified attorneys who can assist with problems in the area you are located, and/or where the legal problems exist. Whenever possible, the local attorney will be able to speak the same language as you. You are responsible for the final selection and payment of the attorney costs.

Additional TravelPlus services include:

TravelPlus is open to U.S. Citizens as an add on service for existing MedicAlert Advantage, KidSmart®, or MedicAlert+Safe Return® services. Enroll in TravelPlus, or renew your existing TravelPlus service, by calling 1-800-432-5378.

TravelPlus is not an insurance, however it is a helping hand during your travel emergency.