My MedicAlert Services

When purchasing a MedicAlert medical ID you receive a suite of “My MedicAlert” services especially designed to protect you in the event of an emergency. These services are connected to your medical ID for one-year, and can be renewed through your online account.

medicalert 24/7 emergency response service included with medical id

24/7 Emergency Response

First responders and medical professionals are trained to recognize MedicAlert IDs and call our 24/7 Emergency Response Center. We immediately connect them to your medical history, ensuring you receive quick treatment and proper medical care.

medicalert 24/7 family notification service with medical ID

24/7 Family Notification

After communicating your health information, MedicAlert’s second priority is to contact your loved ones. We will communicate the status of your condition and your location so you may be quickly reunited with loved ones.

medicalert 24/7 physician notification service is tied to medical id

Physician Notification

In the event of an emergency, MedicAlert will contact your physician to notify them of your medical condition. This service allows for your physician to communicate directly with the treating facility to understand your situation and the treatment provided; allowing for exceptional follow up care after your medical emergency.

MedicAlert emergency health record included with medical id

Emergency Health Record

MedicAlert provides an electronic Emergency Health Record that you can maintain and access from anywhere, at any time. The information from your health record is communicated to first responders and health professionals during an emergency to speed your treatment and ensure quality care.

medicalert live customer service agents to help with medical ids

Contact Support Center

Live customer support agents are available to assist you with medical information updates, service upgrades, engraving recommendations, and medical ID purchases. Support is available Monday-Friday (6AM – 5PM PST).

medicalert global services

Global Services

Our dedication to safeguarding your health in the event of an emergency expands beyond our borders into more than 50 countries, and translation services are available in 140 languages. MedicAlert Foundation is there for you, wherever you may be.

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