Sponsored Membership

Through the generosity of our donors we are able to provide our lifesaving services through sponsored memberships for individuals like you who may be facing financial hardship. The Essential sponsored membership is an online, web-based only membership. This allows you the flexibility to manage your personal health records including updates to your emergency medical information record (EMIR©) summary. Your sponsored Essential membership includes the following services: EMIR (Emergency Medical Information Record) managed online only, Live 24/7 emergency response services and a Downloadable Wallet Card. As an additional benefit, each Sponsored Essential Member will be provided with one free stainless steel bracelet from our basic line.  This is a one-time benefit.  Future products will need to be purchased, or may be approved on a case-by-case basis. 

Each Sponsored Essential Membership is effective for three years after which time we require all sponsored individuals to resubmit financial hardship documentation together with a new application request. ** If you are requesting a sponsorship on behalf of a child in need, please disregard the financial requirements and instead send us a brief letter providing information on their medical needs, together with their enrollment or renewal form.

Additional services can be purchased including family notification and call center support for a minimal fee of $10 per update. If you are mailing your updates to MedicAlert to complete on your behalf, please include a check or credit card number to be used for the charge. In addition, plastic wallet cards can be also purchased for only $5 each. Please contact us at 800-432-5378 or by email at www.medicalert.org to make a purchase or to upgrade your membership. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • A completed MedicAlert enrollment form

  • A brief statement from the individual requesting the sponsorship, or one of the following, attesting to your inability to afford the membership fees so we can make an informed decision.
    - Doctor (physician’s prescription pad is acceptable)
    - Nurse or school nurse
    - Social or case worker
    - Homeless shelter   

  • ONE of the following proofs of hardship/income:

    State or federal government public assistance program such as:
    - Copy of your Medicaid Card
    - Copy of your MediCal Card (if California based)
    - Copy of your food stamp program assistance
    - Copy of your SSD (Social Security Disability) or SSI (Supplemental Security Income)



Please mail to Sponsored Memberships, c/o MedicAlert® Foundation

2323 Colorado Ave., Turlock, CA  95382 or use our secured fax at 209-417-3762

Program Limitations

As a nonprofit organization, MedicAlert Foundation reserves the right to modify this program to assure fairness in its implementation as well as adequate annual funding.  Although MedicAlert Foundation’s intent is to extend sponsored memberships to anyone who needs our emergency medical information service but cannot afford it, the number of memberships sponsored annually must be limited to the resources available from donations received on behalf of this program.