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Avoid Being a Cold Weather Couch Potato

Are you beginning to reevaluate your outdoor fitness regime as the days grow colder? With the temperatures dropping and the days becoming shorter, it can be easy to hibernate and make excuses to abandon your workouts and healthy eating habits.

Don’t let the dreary sky keep you trapped indoors, confined to the warmth of your couch. With many delicious holiday treats just around the corner, it’s time to get creative in order to keep the winter blues and extra pounds away.

In addition, committing to regular physical activity will help improve mood, increase energy levels, and help with a better night’s sleep.

10 Tips to Stay Fit with the Change of Seasons 

With a little planning, you can conquer the trials of winter exercise and stay dedicated to your warm weather health and fitness lifestyle.

  1. Get your daily steps in- walk the mall with a friend. Check out schools and gyms close to work where you can get in walks during lunch time. Take the stairs, and fit in walk breaks whenever you can.
  2. Do active housework- sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, washing windows and cleaning baseboards offer a great way to do indoor exercise while getting the household chores done.
  3. Join a gym or health club- if not wanting to exercise in the cold outdoors, joining a gym is the perfect solution. Cardio machines, free weights, and different fitness classes are a great way to stay fit and get you out of the house during the colder months. Choose one close to home or work so that convenience isn’t an issue.
  4. Cross-country skiing- one of the more physically demanding sports and engages almost all muscles in your body. Also a great activity to do with family and friends on the weekends.
  5. Ice Skating- a great way to get some low-impact cold weather exercise in. Ice skating helps strengthen your legs, particularly the inner thighs that don’t typically get worked too often.
  6. Create a home gym- there is no better investment than that of your health. Getting some gently used, practical cardio equipment and/or light weight machines helps to eliminate the excuse of avoiding workouts even when its thunder storming or if a few feet of snow have you held up inside.
  7. Join an indoor sports league- indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, or swimming is a great way to help keep you fit during the winter months while also providing an opportunity to meet different people in the community.
  8. Pulling sleds- have fun with friends and family while also getting in some great exercise.  Your legs, core, and upper body will all benefit.
  9. Rake leaves or do other yard work- If you live in an area that doesn’t get snowfall nor freezing temperatures, it’s a good idea to bundle up, and put your work gloves on to get your blood flowing.
  10. Shovel snow- is another great way to get your heart rate up.

Remember: Always be sure to check with your doctor prior to engaging in strenuous exercise if you suffer from a heart condition or have other health concerns.