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24/7 Wandering and Emergency Response Service

Wandering loved ones are cause for concern; therefore, MedicAlert provides wandering protection services to ease the fears and anxieties of families and caregivers. A great benefit for individuals with Autism and Alzheimer's - MedicAlert Foundation's service is available 24/7 to assist during wandering-related incidents.

Autism-Related Wandering

Wandering-related factors (such as drowning and prolonged exposure), remain among the top causes of death within the autism population. According to a 2007 online poll through the National Autism Association, 92% of parents reported that their children with autism have a tendency to wander.


Alzheimer's/Dementia Wandering

It’s common for a person with dementia to wander and become lost; many do repeatedly. In fact, over 60 percent of those with dementia will wander at some point.

Source: Alzheimer's Association

What to do When Your Loved One Goes Missing

When one of our customers is reported missing, MedicAlert Foundation is there to respond. Below are the recommended steps to take if your loved one is missing:

  • Search where the person was last seen. If you can’t find them within five minutes, call the police.
  • Tell the police the person is either autistic or memory impaired and at risk, that the person is a MedicAlert Foundation customer, and be prepared to answer questions about the person.
  • Next, call MedicAlert Foundation at 1.800.625.3780 to notify us that your loved one has gone missing. We’ll coordinate with family and other authorities to relay information during this time.
  • Once your loved one is found, the citizen or police officer that found them calls the toll-free number listed on the MedicAlert ID.
  • MedicAlert Foundation then notifies family contacts, making sure your loved one is returned home safely.

Included in the following service plans:

MedicAlert Advantage®
MedicAlert Kid Smart®
MedicAlert + Safe Return®