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Before Traveling this Easter, Ensure Your MedicAlert® Emergency Health Record is Up-To-Date

Easter is just a few weeks away, so before traveling to visit family and friends, MedicAlert reminds youto update your Emergency Health Record. Emergencies can often occur while away from home and at the most unexpected times.

Don’t risk the quality of your treatment and care should you become unresponsive during an emergency. You have unlimited access to your online  MedicAlert Emergency Health Record where you can update your health information and emergency contacts 24/7. In addition, our customer service team is available via phone during the week at 1-800.432.5378

What to Include In Your Emergency Health Record

Our team of MedicAlert specialists works directly with first responders and medical personnel to relay your most pertinent medical information to ensure you receive exceptional treatment and care.

The more detailed information provided in your personal health record, will eliminate the possibility of medical errors being made. Always remember to include the following information:

- Medical conditions- Allergies (food /medication/environmental)

- List of medications and dosages

- Patient instructions (ex, carries Epipen)

- Implanted medical devices (include make/model information)

- Pertinent family medical history

- Immunization records

- Advance Directives/DNR orders

-Past surgical history

- Emergency contacts

- Primary physician information

- Health insurance information

MedicAlert Team Member