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10 Safety Tips for Your Summer Road Trips

This summer, millions of families will embark on their annual vacation getaways. Although summer adventures bring much excitement, packing and readying the car for travel can be the most stressful part of vacation.

If you are planning on hitting the highway this summer, always remember travel safety starts even before you leave the driveway.

Ensuring your car, SUV, or motorhome maintenance is complete, and that luggage of every type is properly secured is a recommended start toward safe travels.

Take the Time to Ensure a Safe Ride

These easy-to-follow road safety tips can help avoid disaster while in route to your summer vacation destination.

1.Go for a tune up- Make sure oil, tires, battery, belts, air conditioner are good to go before hitting the road.

2. Keep the weight down- store heavier luggage and equipment lower and not on extra seats so that they won’t become projectiles during sudden stops.

3. Pack plenty of healthy snacks- empty stomachs leads to unhappy passengers. Have a variety of healthy yet filling snacks for your family and friends while traveling. This convenient food supply will also help prevent unnecessary spending on fast food along the way.

4. Have plenty of liquids on board- you may want to avoid as many bathroom stops as possible, but ensuring you have plenty of water on board is important during long travels, especially if visiting more dry or humid destinations.

5. Don’t follow other vehicles too closely- it’s easy to be in a hurry when heading to your vacation destination, but allow plenty of breaking room to avoid accidents should you need to stop abruptly.

6. Let someone know your destination, your route & when you plan to arrive- if something happens along the way, help can be sent along your prearranged route.

7. Program your cell phone with emergency contacts- including your roadside assistance provider and any friends or family that can come to your aid should an emergency occur along the way.

8. Pull over periodically to take breaks- get some fresh air and stretch your legs every so often. Driving too long without breaks can cause you to get sleepy and irritable toward other drivers.

9. Buckle up- ensure all passengers are buckled in correctly. Even if your loved ones get tired and want to take a quick snooze, remind them to keep their seat belt fastened at all times.

10. Give car seats or booster seats a boost- Find a nearby location such as the local fire department to ensure your kids’ seats are installed correctly. 8 out of 10 car seats/booster seats aren’t installed correctly putting infants and young children at serious risk.

Buckle Up & Enjoy Your Summer Vacation!