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Rid Your House of the Winter Blues - Get a Jump Start on Your Spring Cleaning

Some families look forward to putting their spring cleaning projects into action, while many others dread the annual task each year. Keep in mind that spring cleaning is a great time to help prevent the spread of germs in your home as the seasons change.

As springtime approaches, allergies tend to kick into high gear. Ridding your home of excess dust and bacteria can help manage allergies, and help keep the family healthier during the upcoming busy spring and summer months.  

Save yourself time by skipping areas that have been recently cleaned and focus on those that have been neglected all winter long. Often times, clearing out the clutter first can make other cleaning tasks easier.

Clear the Unwanted Clutter

Do you still have holiday clutter lingering around? Is fall and winter décor overwhelming your closets and garage space? Are you tired of running into piles of tools, equipment, and boxes of old clothing and knick knacks each time you walk into the garage?

Use these suggestions if unsure what to do with your unwanted clutter.

●Family or neighborhood garage sale

●Donate old items to a local charity

●Take a trip to the Goodwill®


Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet

When cleaning out rooms and closets, donating unwanted junk, and giving the garage a face lift, take time to tackle medicine cabinets as well. When taking upon this task, don’t forget to…

●Dispose of expired medications in a proper place

●Avoid throwing old medications in the garbage-utilize special medication drop-off locations

●Also get rid of medications that are no longer prescribed by your physician

●Ensure all medications are out of reach of small children


Tips for Getting the Family Involved

It may seem easier to conquer spring cleaning projects yourself, but this can be a great time of year to spend time with the family while everyone works together.

Schedule a set weekend for the cleaning to take action to ensure no prior commitments get in the way of all family members participating. Remember these helpful tips to make family involvement a success.

●Don’t expect your little ones to participate in heavy cleaning and organizing.

●Have your younger children focus more on going through their toys - allowing them to choose toys they no longer play with to donate to those less fortunate.

●Allow the older kids to take on more responsibility with outside cleaning - helping to organize the garage, assist with yard work, clean windows, etc.

●Have a reward set in place for when projects are done.

Happy Spring Cleaning!