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MedicAlert Sports Band helps Save Life of 12-Year Old Kid Living with Severe Asthma

I knew at just a few weeks of age when he was asleep beside me, that something was not right with Kason’s breathing,” says mother Jamie.  3 months later, Kason was diagnosed with Mild persistent asthma.  

When talking to Jamie about the labor and delivery with her oldest son Kason (who is now 16), she couldn’t recall having any complications that would lead to breathing problems. “After being born ;his breathing first seemed completely normal.” She adds. Neither Jamie, her husband, nor her other 2 children have any form of asthma or other breathing issues.

Although Kason has to have his inhaler at all times, this has not kept him from his love of playing soccer. He began playing recreationally at age 4 and now competes on a higher level. “We travel almost every weekend during the soccer season to his weekend tournaments, and our family is definitely comprised of many athletes,” says Jamie.  She and her husband Jared take turns traveling with Kason so that the other parent can stay behind for the other kids’ karate and cheerleading matches and competitions.

The Safety of Kason’s MedicAlert Sports Band  

Kason has always had an inhaler and takes it with him to school, practices, games, etc. He never leaves the home with it. However, this all changed one Saturday when they had traveled to Spokanne, WA for tryouts for another competition soccer team.

“We had left the hotel early that morning for a tryout. After all these years, I don’t really ask Kason anymore if he has his inhaler with him…” says Jamie. She dropped him off at the sports complex and said she’d be back after she picked up some snacks and breakfast.

During the time she was gone, Kason began his tryout. After feeling short of breath and wheezing, he began walking to the side lines to get his inhaler. He immediately realized he had left it in the hotel. Within a matter of seconds, he was experiencing a full-blown asthma attack.

Because this was a new tryout, Kason was surrounded by coaches and players unaware of his asthma condition. The paramedics saw him on the ground and came over from the first aide area. They recognized his MedicAlert bracelet that reads “asthmatic-allergy to penicillin.”  They immediately began to give him supplemental oxygen including Albuterol.

“If it weren’t for his bracelet, I don’t know what would’ve happened,” says Jamie, adding, “I now try to make sure Kason has his inhaler at all times no matter how responsible he is, and he never leaves home without his sports band…” “I am a definitely a mom that is so very grateful to MedicAlert.” 

MedicAlert Team Member