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Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies

Breathe Easier This Fall- Fight Back Against Seasonal Allergies

While many will soon be off to farmer’s markets buying bushels of harvest apples, pumpkins, and corn, others will be rushing to the nearest drug store for over-the-counter allergy medications and boxes of tissues.

Fall can be the worst time of year for people with seasonal allergies. Along with dropping temperatures and changing vegetation, weeds and other plants release pollen into the air and outdoor molds grow under fallen leaves, triggering allergy symptoms for nearly 40 million Americans.

A group of five happy children smiling in a pile of fall leaves.

3 Asthma & Allergy Triggers To Avoid During Seasonal Changes

While many of us look forward to enjoying the warmer months, those with seasonal allergies dread the endless sneezing, itchy noses, watery eyes, and asthma flare-ups that arrive unwanted this time of year.

Although seasonal changes can be dreaded by those living with allergies or asthma, there are ways to still enjoy the outdoors this spring and summer while avoiding severe allergy and asthma fare-ups.

Tips to Help Prevent Seasonal Allergies from Keeping You Down