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SXSW: Time, Technology & the Saving of Lives – What Matters?

We kicked off SXSW this morning with a panel on "The Value of Technology in Building the Blueprint for Healthy Communities".

MedicAlert Celebrates National Wear Red Day 2015

Today, MedicAlert staff came to work wearing red as a symbol of our support of women’s heart health. This year marks the 12th year of celebrating National Wear Red Day in the United States.

The first Friday in February has been declared by the American Heart Association as a day to bring national attention to the problem of heart disease in women.

On this day, Americans wear red in support of this effort, while health institutions hold seminars and public events to educate people about the causes, prevention, and screenings for heart disease.


2014: Reflecting on a Year Dedicated to Better Serving You!

Each year, MedicAlert works to better improve our customer’s overall experience. We value our customer feedback and enjoy sharing your success stories throughout the year- allowing us to demonstrate how every MedicAlert ID is backed by a full suite of 24/7 life-saving services.

Our dedicated staff customers, loyal partners, and generous donors, continue to be a dedicated team working together to ensure you and your loved ones receive exceptional treatment and care during an emergency.

Maximize Your 2014 Tax Benefit Today with the Purchase of Your New MedicAlert ID

With only a few weeks remaining of 2014, take maximum advantage of your tax write-off now!  Take comfort in knowing that MedicAlert products and services meet eligibility requirements for your 2014 tax benefit.

When renewing your existing MedicAlert services, or upon making your new medical ID purchase, also remember the advantages of using those convenient flex spending dollars burning a hole in your pocket!

Donate to MedicAlert for a Year End Tax Deduction

When donating to MedicAlert, you are helping make a difference! Your gift also qualifies you for a tax write-off, reducing your tax burden for the year.

With 2014 coming to an end, keep in mind that donations charged to a credit card are deductible in the year in which they are charged and not when payment is made on the card. Therefore, when using your favorite rewards-earning credit card for donations made to MedicAlert before year-end, you also increase your charitable donations deduction for 2014 even if the shopping season has left you momentarily short on cash.

MedicAlert Wishes Your Family a Spooky and Safe Halloween!

Each year, our MedicAlert family continues to join in on the holiday festivities while working together to save lives worldwide. As the holiday season commences with Halloween; we have come to understand the importance of joining in the holiday fun with those we spend time with most…our co-workers.

MedicAlert is flaunting our holiday spirit with costumes of all styles. On Halloween morning; our staff members walked proudly through the doors disguised as action figures, athletes, Pac-Men, clowns, bats, and more!

Take Your Loved One to the Doctor Month- Learn How You Can Help Your Loved One Make the Most of Their Annual Check-Ups

Do you have a loved one who continues to avoid doctor’s appointments and health screenings?  Avoiding health issues has become all too common for Americans today.

The fear of standard screenings and test results tends to prevent many from scheduling regular doctor’s visits necessary to maintain good health.  

MedicAlert reminds Americans that living healthy, active lives needs to be a priority, and begins with just one visit to the doctor. We challenge you to help your loved one learn what he or she needs to do in order to get healthy and stay healthy.