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Heart Health

Heart Health

The Dangers of High Blood Pressure & 6 Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

High blood is one of the leading contributors of stroke and heart disease worldwide, yet the signs are just not that obvious

What is obvious? Keeping routine doctor’s appointments with regular blood pressure screens (especially with a  known family history of the condition)and avoiding high-risk lifestyle behaviors like smoking, binge drinking, and overeating can help prevent blood pressure levels from rising.

Keep Yourself Protected during a Cardiac Emergency

If you or a loved one are living with  a heart condition diagnosis, then you may require one or several medication dosages to be taken daily, where such medications can pose high risks such as severe drug interactions, blood clotting, and excessive bleeding.

In addition, having so many variables in conditions, medications, and implanted electronic devices makes it critical for first responders to be made aware of pertinent health information immediately during an emergency to provide proper treatment and care.