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Heart disease

Heart disease

MedicAlert, Mitral Valve Prolapse & Me

Meet MedicAlert Member Cathy, age 56. Cathy has mitral valve prolapse, and despite it being a life-long disorder, many people with the condition never experience symptoms and are often surprised when they learn they have a heart condition. Not all heart diseases are the same. Different types of disease affect different parts of the heart and some require very particular medications that can carry dangerous side effects.

Chrissy’s Story: Living life with a big heart

Like many social workers, Chrissy Shaver, a MedicAlert member since 2018, has a big heart full of compassion for people in need. Over the years, she has given her time and energy to help victims of rape and domestic abuse in New York. She used to be the Director of Social Service for a center that received as many as 900 patients every year. She is also busy with raising two teenage sons. Her goal in life is to help people and make a difference in the world.

A MedicAlert member sitting at a table discussing her medical condition

Exercise: Being Active While Living with a Chronic Condition

Staying active and fit is essential, especially for those with a chronic condition such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, epilepsy or heart disease. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine not only strengthens your body and allows you to maintain an active lifestyle -- it also strengthens your mind.