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Food Allergies

Food Allergies

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By the Girl Behind the Hive

8 Ways to Avoid Frightful Food Allergies this Halloween

Halloween time is a season of costumes, corn mazes, pumpkin carving, and delicious candy. With food often being the foundation of our holiday celebrations, Halloween is a time that can often create more fear that fun with some of the top food allergens being in high circulation.

Mother has Peace of Mind Knowing her 7- Year Old Daughter is protected with Her MedicAlert Medical ID

7-year old Alissa is an outgoing, active, and loving child. “She’s always been my little dare devil, never showing fear of anything. From the time she could walk, Alissa was getting into everything, curious and always on the move,” says Alissa’s mother Cathy.

Although she’s an independent and adventurous little girl; Alissa had a severe incident when she was just 2 years old that made her forever terrified of peanut butter.

Trick-Or-Treat Time is quickly Approaching- Keep your Kids Safe While Enjoying Their Favorite Halloween Traditions

How do your kids typically answer the question, “What is one of your favorite holidays?”  I think many of us parents can agree their most common response is all too often HALLOWEEN!

Our children’s favorite Halloween memories are created each year from traditional Halloween fun, including: visits to haunted houses, corn mazes, carving pumpkins, costume parties, trick-or-treating with their neighborhood friends, and of course-counting their plentiful candy stashes at the night’s end.

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Today, more than 15 million people live with mild to severe food allergies. There remains no cure for those suffering from food allergies. The only way to stay safe is strict avoidance of any known problem foods. Although a person with food allergies may continuously strive to refrain from their problem foods; hidden ingredients consumed while eating away from the home can cause mild to severe anaphylactic shock.