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Manage Your Stress to Help Kick the Winter Flu Bug

This winter season germs spread rapidly around schools, the work place, and our homes. As the weather grows colder, we can take the precautions of bundling up, washing hands, remembering our vitamins, and even getting our annual flu shot, but there is no surefire way to avoid the flu from targeting our immune systems.

How much does daily stress affect our ability to fight the flu? Yes, stress is a normal part of life; however, it can take a tremendous toll on our immune systems.

Whether we are experiencing the short term stress of a traffic jam on the freeway, or long-term stress of losing a loved one, our bodies’ willingness to fight infection is negatively affected.


Don’t Let the Winter Flu Bug Hold You Captive

By applying some simple daily stress management practices, we can better our chances of conquering the winter season free of the common cold and flu.

Below are some steps you can take towards winter wellness (courtesy of About Health)

Maintain a Supportive Network- Maintaining healthy relationships and socializing can help boost immunity and manage stress

Stay Organized and Maintain Daily Balance- Keep your home uncluttered. Say no to requests you know you will be unable to meet instead of over-extending yourself.

Wash Your Hands Often- Wash hands before and after meals. This will keep germs from being passed to your face, so your immune system won’t have to fight them.

Take Vitamin C and Drink Plenty of Water- Vitamin C contributes to strengthening your immune system, while water helps flush out toxins.

Avoid People Who Are Sick- Keep your distance from co-workers who have cold and flu symptoms.  If family members are sick, avoid direct contact and use disinfectant spray on phones, door handles and light switches. 

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