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Prepare For Your Spring Travels - Plan Ahead & Enjoy Some Fun in the Sun

Spring break means an escape from the daily grind. As the warmer weather sets in and spring draws near, make your travel preparations to visit your favorite destinations. The best part of traveling in the spring is that you can enjoy beautiful places before summer prices sky rocket.

Get an early idea of places the family is anxious to see and book in advance to guarantee your travel plans are secured.

Remember to do your research - ask family, friends, and co-workers for destination suggestions. With so many choices, it can be hard to narrow down your spring trip hot spot.


Staying Safe & Healthy During Your Travels

Whether staying close to home or going a distance, follow this checklist provided by the CDC before and during your travels.

If traveling out of the country:

- Find out about vaccines that may be needed and any health concerns known about your destination.

- Ensure your passport is not expired and up-to-date.

- If you haven’t already, talk to your doctor about getting a flu shot.

Be mindful when eating & drinking:

- If traveling to developing countries, avoid raw foods and eat foods that have been fully cooked.

- When vacationing at drier or more humid destinations, always carry bottled water and hydrate yourself throughout the days.

- Avoid eating fresh vegetables and fruits when traveling to undeveloped countries, unless you can peel them yourself.

Active vacations & excursions:

- When engaging in extreme activities such as deep sea diving and mountain climbing, be sure to have the proper sports attire and safety equipment.

- When making reservations, ask questions to make sure you will be with properly trained guides.

- Don’t take unnecessary risks that can lead to serious injury.

Additional tips to travel smart:

Wear sunscreen:  And protective clothing to avoid over exposure to the sun.

Swim in safe places: Before jumping in, ask about water depth and other hazards, such as sharp rocks or coral, riptides, and dangerous sea animals.

Pack smart : And remember that prevention can be travel-sized. Carry your own stash of first-aid supplies and medications.

Stay Protected on Your Travels with MedicAlert’s TravelPlus Program

While traveling this spring season, keep your family protected should a medical emergency occur.  MedicAlert’s TravelPlus service is designed to provide emergency services while traveling in the United States or when leaving the country.

In the event of an emergency, you may need immediate hospitalization, possible evacuation services, or even language translation when visiting another country.  Learn more about TravelPlus today

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