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10 Tricks & Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easier than Ever Before

Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition for a reason-the fresh air and green outdoors often gives us the motivation to beautify the inside of our house as well.  

If the sun has begun peeking through your windows, revealing the many unwanted dust bunnies that have made themselves welcome in every corner of your home during the winter season, then a good deep cleaning maybe weighing on your mind.

Spring is officially here, and if you are one who always has the best of intentions to do a deep down scrubbing this time of year, but rarely finish your to-do list, try a few simple tricks to make your spring cleaning tasks more effective and easier than ever before.

Expert, Mom-Approved Tips to Give Your Home A Deep, Down Clean 

1. Make a plan- It’s easier to stay on track with your spring cleaning goals when mapping out a plan which can include:

  • Creating a timeline for when you want to have certain projects completed.
  • Listing out every room of your house.
  • All tasks you wish to accomplish (cleaning the baseboards, the walls, the windows, and window treatments, etc.).
  • Assigning different family members to each task.

2. Get ready- make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need beforehand.  Spring cleaning can already be overwhelming and if you have to stop several times to run to the store, you are likely to become more annoyed.

3. De-clutter before cleaning- save yourself the hassle and headaches of trying to clean around the clutter and get rid of the unwanted nick-knacks, junk mail, and garbage before cleaning.

4. Be an Early Bird- Don’t wait until the spring weather is in full bloom to tackle inside chores. You’ve already been cooped up long enough to miss out on the warm weather. If you live in a place that is still getting snow, you can keep yourself busy (and warm) inside with your cleaning tasks. Then you can get outside guilt-free in the spring.  

5. Get the family involved- even the most unwilling helper can make a big difference in your spring cleaning endeavors. This is a great excuse to get the entire family together this time of year.

6. Tackle one area at a time-it’s easy to get distracted and move from one project to the next without completing the task at hand. Working on one area at a time and sticking to a schedule can help save your sanity while also doing a thorough job on each room.

7. Use bins to help organize the “no longer wanted” stuff- instead of hanging onto more clutter that has been sitting collecting dust and taking up space, de-clutter by labeling bins for:

  • Garage sale items
  • Items to donate
  • Throw-away items
  • Borrowed items that need to be returned to others

8. Go from top to bottom- cleaning should always be done top to bottom. That way, any crumbs or dust that fall to the floor while you’re working get picked up last.

9. High-traffic zones and shortcuts- if wanting/needing to speed up the cleaning process, consider the following shortcuts:

  • Focus on high traffic areas first where you and your family do the most living (kitchen, family room, main bathroom).
  • Spot-clean less traffic areas instead of cleaning an entire area.
  • If you have a hand-held steamer for clothes, use it on curtains instead of taking them down to wash.
  • If you don’t have time to deep-clean outside windows, just turn on the hose to get rid of bugs and leaves for a quick freshen-up.

10. Don’t leave out home maintenance- the phrase “spring cleaning” doesn’t just have to mean cleaning the inside of your house. There are many other home maintenance-type projects that would benefit from your attention once the weather is warmer:

  • Ensure your air condition system is working properly before the hot summer months arrive.
  • Replace dirty air filters throughout the house.
  • Inspect roof and siding for loose shingles and rotting causes by the winter storms.
  • Clean gutters.
  • Consider caulking around windows and sealing any other leaks to help keep cool air in once you are using the AC.


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