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Family Activity Plan for the Warmer Months Ahead

As the weather grows warmer and daylight lasts longer, take advantage of the spring and summer months by participating in outdoor activities with the ones you love. Use your creativity to make a family activity plan that your loved ones can enjoy while spending quality time together.

Keep your family active and off the couch. If unsure about investing the time to become more “family active”, consider the positive outcomes:


1.Promotes Family Bonding

  • Spending more time doing physical activity as a group can help build stronger connections amongst family members.
  • More family togetherness can help to create better communication among siblings and between parents and kids.
  • Most activities don’t have to cost money and can take place in your yard, at the park, on bike trails, etc.


2.Supports Health &Fitness

  • Being active (especially outside in the fresh air) will help your loved ones sleep better.
  • The more active we are, the more energy we will have throughout the day.
  • Activity helps to improve posture and balance.
  • Physical activity helps reduce stress levels and improves mood.


Ways to Keep Your Family Active & Having Fun Together


1.Make a list of everyday activities the entire family can enjoy - Get your family engaged in regular physical activity by making a scheduled list of hobbies everyone will want to participate in. Choose things to do that are close to home and inexpensive or free. The back yard, a nearby park or school, and bike trails are some easy ideas for starters.   


2.Set some screen time limits - If wanting to stay active and fit, remember to move more and watch less. This being said, limit the time your loved ones spend each day in front of the television set, computer, and playing video games. Some family members may not be happy with the adjustment at first, but will thank you later.


3.Plan active getaways - The spring and summer months are perfect for canoeing, camping, fishing, biking, and backpacking. Plan mini-vacations where the family can have fun in the sun rather than remain cooped up inside.     


4.Don’t be couch potatoes every weekend - True, most of us don’t want to spend our weekends constantly tackling exhausting chores and running errands. But, lying on the couch all weekend can be bad as well. After being lazy all weekend, you may find yourself even more tired come Monday mornings. Your body needs physical activity to increase energy levels.