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MedicAlert Reminds Americans of the Importance of Having Medical IDs as Part of Your Family’s Overall Health & Safety Plan during National Safety Month

Warm weather brings more opportunities for outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, biking, camping and hiking. While your family anticipates the exciting times of having fun in the sun this summer; take the time to develop smart practices for a safe and healthy summer of fun.

It is important to consider your child’s healthcare needs while the demands of the school year shifts to a more “relaxed” summer routine. While traveling is at a peak throughout the summer months, ensure your family and loved ones are safeguarded in the event of an emergency.

The Protection of a MedicAlert medical ID

As a MedicAlert member, your vital medical information (also known as an Emergency Medical Information Record-EMIR®) is securely stored and linked to your personalized MedicAlert medical ID which can be accessed 24/7. Therefore, your medical ID serves as a connection to a full range of MedicAlert services designed to protect you in an emergency and inform your loved ones.

MedicAlert Foundation’s 24/7 Live Emergency Response and Family Notification services allows your family the peace of mind in knowing that our Emergency Response Center’s first priority is to communicate your crucial medical information immediately to first responders and medical personnel.

 When in a situation of being away from your loved ones during an emergency; your family or designated contact person will be directly notified of your condition. Our Family Notification Service also allows you the flexibility to quickly and easily change your contacts as you see fit. Our memberships immediately connect your family’s medical IDs to their personal electronic health record (EMIR).

Both first responders and medical personnel are trained to look for medical IDs. Having your known medical conditions (such as; diabetes, autism, and food allergies), medication dosages and frequencies; along with designated emergency contacts, can mean the difference between life and death during an emergency.  


Stay Kid Smart® While Enjoying Summer Fun in the Sun

Injuries while at home and at play can be prevented in order to safeguard a long summer of fun for your child. This summer many kids are experiencing new adventures such as being away at camp, playing at friends’ homes, sports, swimming and other-related outside activities.

There are many ways to ensure your child stays safe and healthy while having fun outside of the home:


Promote Safe Swimming

-       Actively supervise children in and around all open bodies of water, giving them your undivided attention.

-       Keep the water clean by taking your little ones on restroom breaks often; and ensure your infants/toddlers are in waterproof diapers.

-       Remind your child to try avoiding swallowing the water they swim in.

-       Swimming lessons: Teach your child to swim or be proactive in enrolling them in swimming lessons at a very young age.

-       Learn CPR: Local hospitals, fire departments and recreation departments offer CPR training. It will give you a tremendous peace of mind and help save your child or another child’s life.


Riding Safely

-       Make sure your child has a helmet that fits properly and is being worn at all times while riding their bike.

-       Send your child out on a bike that fits. Check that your child hasn’t outgrown last year’s bicycle.

-       Teach them the importance of riding in groups with other kids and staying on the sidewalks when riding while avoiding heavy traffic areas.


Staying Hydrated

-       Ensure both you and your child stay hydrated by always having water or electrolyte- enhanced liquids on hand.

-       Take advantage of shady areas during outside events and wear a hat or sunglasses to prevent effects of direct sunlight.

-       Use the early mornings and/or evenings to engage in your outside workout routine, and avoid jogging, walking, biking etc. when the sun is most intense.


More than Just a Medical ID

First responders are trained to look for medical identification jewelry. Having medical IDs for each of your family members; is a fundamental way to safeguard your loved ones in the event of an emergency.

Enrolling your child in MedicAlert’s Kid Smart® Program can help you remain calm and confident with their active lifestyle. MedicAlert Kid Smart offers the full suite of MedicAlert services at a discounted rate for children up to 17 years of age.

MedicAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Response and Family Notification Services ensure our team of MedicAlert call center operators are there to provide important medical information to first responders and medical personnel when your child is in need of immediate medical treatment.

MedicAlert’s kids medical IDs (including bracelets and sports bands) are designed for boys and girls to wear comfortably. Our children’s medical IDs are designed to allow your child to live their active lifestyles while maintaining a connection to their health information and emergency contacts. 

About our charity
MedicAlert protects the health and well-being of millions of members worldwide through our trusted emergency support network. We educate emergency responders and medical personnel - our partners in everyday emergency situations. And we communicate your health information, your wishes, and your directives to ensure you receive the best care possible.