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Universal Black Silicone Medical ID

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Universal Silicone Medical ID

My MedicAlert ServicesThis medical ID connects you to our network of 24/7 services and resources - LEARN MORE
This product is currently unavailable for purchase.

A Reliable Choice - This medical ID shoe tag was made for velcro style shoes and provides a great addition to your other medical IDs. Use it for any outing and feel confident in knowing you have that additional layer of security. Designed with limited frontal engraving, this medical ID shoe tag provides the flexibility to be attached to other MedicAlert bracelets or watch medical IDs.

Purchase a MedicAlert ID today if you or a loved one leads an active lifestyle, or has a medical condition such as diabetes, hemophilia, cardiac conditions, or a pacemaker. Only MedicAlert medical IDs provide a full suite of emergency response services. NOTE: Engraving on front of ID.