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Red and Black Paracord Medical ID

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Paracord Medical ID

My MedicAlert ServicesThis medical ID connects you to our network of 24/7 services and resources - LEARN MORE

A Practical Everyday Safety Device - Great for any outing, MedicAlert’s all new Paracord Medical IDs are the perfect survival straps designed to be more than a fashion statement. Our Paracord Medical IDs can alert emergency personnel during times of need, as well as allow you to quickly unravel the Paracord for numerous survival applications.

Purchase a MedicAlert ID today if you or a loved one leads an active lifestyle, or has a medical condition such as diabetes, hemophilia, cardiac conditions, or a pacemaker. Only MedicAlert medical IDs provide a full suite of emergency response services.

  • Red Paracord
  • Blue Paracord
The Id corresponding to the text the user wants to engrave
The category of single_condition_name (for example: "Past Medical", "Allergy")
The text picked by the user who chose "I'll pick a single condition from the list".