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Large Two Tone Stretch Band Medical ID Bracelet

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Large Stretch Band MedicAlert Bracelet

My MedicAlert ServicesThis medical ID connects you to our network of 24/7 services and resources - LEARN MORE

Convenient and Classic - This two tone medical ID offers a comfortable stretch band that can be slipped on and off with ease. Made of stainless steel with larger gold titanium settings, this medical ID is designed to alert first responders of underlying medical conditions while providing a classy look and feel.

Purchase a MedicAlert ID today if you or a loved one leads an active lifestyle, or has an underlying medical condition such as diabetes, hemophilia, cardiac conditions, or pacemaker. Only MedicAlert medical IDs provide a full suite of emergency response services.

  • Silver/Gold
  • Gold
  • Steel
The Id corresponding to the text the user wants to engrave
The category of single_condition_name (for example: "Past Medical", "Allergy")
The text picked by the user who chose "I'll pick a single condition from the list".