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Give Your Kids Growing Power with these Nutritional Must-Haves

Although nutrition is important for everyone, it is especially important for our children since it’s directly linked to their early growth and development.

Unfortunately, our kids’ height potential for the most part is based on genetics, which means there are no guaranteed miracle foods that will make your child a 6’5’’ NBA all-star player down the road.  But you can help your little ones growth potential along the way by providing them with a balanced diet containing foods rich in nutrients.  

In addition, we can help promote a better quality of life for our children by educating them about proper nutrition at an early age. Below are some top nutritional powerhouses to help support your children’s growth and development.

  • Calcium- There is no doubt about it, milk does a body good. Children need calcium and vitamin D to support bone growth, and milk is a one-stop shop acting as a worthy source for both nutrients.
  • Fiber- Can help battle childhood obesity. Fiber-rich foods are lower in calories and take longer to digest, so kids can usually stay fuller longer, keeping them from overeating.
  • Protein- Growing kids need protein to help them build and repair cells, enzymes, and hormones, and to help provide energy.
  • Iron- Is crucial for our children’s health and development. A lack of iron can cause anemia, resulting in fatigue and weakness.

Incorporating a variety of these foods into your child’s diet can help ensure they are getting the nutrients recommended to grow healthy and strong