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The Prefect New Year’s Resolution - Ensuring You Receive Exceptional Treatment & Care During an Emergency

This New Year's, make your health a priority. Yes, exercise and healthy eating are great goals, but something you may not have thought of – how do I also protect my health during an emergency? MedicAlert’s dedicated team of trained specialist works 24/7 to ensure your health information is made available in the event of an emergency; this ensures you receive proper treatment and care and helps to avoid potential medical errors.


Treat Yourself to a New Stylish Medical ID for the New Year

Already a MedicAlert customer? Our team was grateful to use your feedback this past year to expand our medical ID product selection. Our product catalog offers a wide-range of styles for men, women, and children of all ages. 

Are you an athlete or enjoy being adventurous outside? MedicAlert’s updated active wear selection offers products to fit your dynamic lifestyle. With sports bands, sweat bands, and velcro wraps, our sports IDs ensures athletes are protected and ready to go. 

Do you work in an office where dressing business casual is a must? If so, our classic medical IDs continue to provide fashion flexibility. Our Sterling Silver and Gold products are the ultimate in emergency protection while also being the perfect accessory for your casual, formal, and business attire.


Update Your MedicAlert Account to Ensure Exceptional Emergency Protection

With a New Year beginning, ensure your health continues to be safeguarded during an emergency.  Make your health a priority during 2015 by taking the initiative to update your pertinent health information online today by clicking here

When updating your Emergency Health Record online, don’t forget to update the following information:

  • Emergency contacts - update all contacts you want notified in the event of an emergency. Ensure your loved ones are aware they are designated contacts. With our 24/7 Family Notification service, MedicAlert will inform your loved ones of your condition and where you can be quickly reunited.
  • Current medications

The service plan best for you - As health conditions change, so do our treatment requirements. Ensure you are still enrolled in the most beneficial MedicAlert service plan to fit your needs! 

MedicAlert Team Member