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September is National Disaster Preparedness Month-Does Your Family Have an Emergency Safety Plan When Mother Nature Comes Suddenly Knocking at Your Door?

It’s inconceivable to imagine the devastating impact that an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or other natural disaster leaves on our homes, livelihoods, health, and safety of those we love most.

The considerable destruction realized during the aftermath of a natural disaster can leave our cities, businesses, homes and families forever changed. Whether a natural disaster is predicted by scientists or completely unforeseen; it is of upmost importance that we as Americans  be proactive in helping to protect our homes and loved ones should a Hurricane Sandy or Napa Valley earthquake arise…

Recent Napa Valley Earthquake serves as a Reminder to always have an Emergency Preparedness Plan

The intense 6.0 earthquake that shook Northern California’s beautiful wine country last month brought back devastating memories for Californian’s as they remember the last horrific quake that struck the San Francisco, California Bay Area 25 years ago.

According to NBC reports Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa handled more than 200 patients who sought emergency care Sunday, August 24th. Patients were admitted to the hospital with broken bones, contusions, respiratory, and cardiac conditions; while others were treated and released for less severe injuries.

With the result of injuries, homes, and businesses lost to several residents in the Napa County area; many of us can’t help but wonder - what would we do if a natural disaster hit our home and affected the health and safety of our family and friends?  What steps should we as Americans take to be better prepared when Mother Nature threatens our lives and the lives of those we love?

Importance of MedicAlert ® Medical IDs and Services during Natural Disasters

MedicAlert Foundation was established in the agricultural community of Turlock, California in 1956. Dr. Marion Collins, MedicAlert's Founder, made his intent clear from the beginning stating, “We are not here to make money. We are here to save lives.”

MedicAlert’s commitment to saving lives has been supported through our trusted 24/7 Emergency Network of Services. Our bracelet and services speak for you when you are unable to communicate. Your up- to- date health information, treatment wishes, and directives are immediately connected to first responders during an emergency.

24/7 Family Notification during an Emergency

When a medical emergency or other unforeseen catastrophic event occurs, family members can become increasingly panicked when being separated from loved ones. MedicAlert is able to immediately update your loved ones regarding your medical condition and location through our trusted24/7 Family Notification during an emergency.

 As a MedicAlert customer, you can update your designated emergency contacts anytime.  By incorporating MedicAlert’s 24/7 trusted Emergency Network into your natural disaster safety plan, you can feel the comfort in knowing your family will receive exceptional medical care in the event of an emergency, and be quickly reunited with those you love.

Click here for a true story demonstrating how MedicAlert’s dedicated services saved the life of a New York woman and reunited her with her family during one of Hurricane Sandy’s most horrific downpours just two years ago. 

MedicAlert Team Member