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Modifying Holiday Meals For People With Dementia

Food is one of the special pleasures and traditions of the holiday season. But for those living with or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, holiday meals can also be an additional challenge. To help make these special gatherings enjoyable for all, the Alzheimer’s Association® offers the following tips:

  • Time of day: If confusion and agitation increase in the evening, holding a brunch or lunch instead of a traditional dinner may be a better choice.
  • Location: A family that eats at a restaurant or travels to a holiday meal may want to try dining at home and have others come to them. Or, if family and friends traditionally gather at the caregiver’s home, move the party to another location, so the caregiver doesn’t have to host.
  • Food: Consider some modifications to family favorites that allow someone living with Alzheimer’s to eat more comfortably. Finger foods, like mini sandwiches made from the traditional roast, can be enjoyed by everyone. An individual ramekin of green bean casserole or other soft foods can be easier to eat than a helping on a plate.

The Alzheimer’s Association offers additional tips for families facing dementia during the holiday season. For more information, ideas and support, visit or call 800.272.3900.