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MedicAlert Reminds Americans to ‘Help Keep Hope Alive and Never Forget’ as We Recognize National Missing Children’s Day

MedicAlert is proud to support National Missing Children's Day. This national observance has been recognized annually on May 25th since 1983. The event celebrates the significance of hope and honors the promise to help find and reunite missing children and teenagers with their families.

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children; today, with improved public awareness, updated laws, and advancements in technology, the recovery rate of missing children has improved from 62 percent over a decade ago to more than 97 percent today.

MedicAlert Foundation continues to develop and improve upon our life-saving products in order to ensure the safety of your child in an emergency situation.


MedicAlert is More Than a Medical ID

We understand how traumatizing an emergency can be. Whether your child is unable to speak, confused, or unaware of their surroundings as the result of an emergency situation

MedicAlert’s trained team of specialists is available to speak on your child’s behalf and communicate your child’s health information. This service sets MedicAlert apart from other basic medical ID providers.


In the event of an emergency, information from your child’s EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record) will be conveyed to authorities to assist in proper medical treatment.

Our 24/7 service allows your child to live life to the fullest and eliminates the worry you or your loved ones’ have regarding your child's health and well-being.


MedicAlert Safely Reunites 9-Year Old Boy with His Mother after Wandering From His Front Yard

“I was driving around for less than two minutes looking for Brandon, before MedicAlert called,” says mom Aimee, adding “I contacted my dad that evening and explained how MedicAlert had just saved his life!”

It isn’t uncharacteristic for 9-year old Brandon to be outside playing or up in the tree house, being that he loves the outdoors.

There have been times before where even in the company of his 4 siblings, has wandered close by but usually found shortly after.

However, just a few months ago on March 26th, Brandon climbed over his front yard fence and across a busy street to continue on his way…

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Throughout the Year, Your Vigilance Can Help Bring a Child Home

How can you help with this effort throughout the year? Pay attention to photos shown or posted of missing children in your local community and state. Take the time to really look at the pictures of missing children you see.

Write down descriptions shown from Amber Alerts posted on roadside screens and broadcasted on your radio stations.

The National Center for Missing Children also encourages parents to “take 25” with your kids on Missing Children’s Day and devote time to talking about safety.

About our charity
MedicAlert protects the health and well-being of millions of members worldwide through our trusted emergency support network. We educate emergency responders and medical personnel - our partners in everyday emergency situations. And we communicate your health information, your wishes, and your directives to ensure you receive the best care possible.