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MedicAlert Helps Cyclist After Being Struck by Car

For years, Ron has been cycling on the same bike trail almost daily. On a brisk morning just weeks ago, he was suddenly struck by a car while out for his bike ride. 

A MedicAlert member for over 22 years now, fortunately he has only had to rely on his bracelet a few times. This was one instance that could've ended tragically if not for his MedicAlert ID. Ron wasn't carrying any form of identification on him except for his MedicAlert ID Bracelet. 

Once the paramedics arrived on scene, they called MedicAlert’s 1-800 number found on the back of Ron's bracelet, connecting them to our trained emergency response team. Our emergency response specialist relayed all of Ron’s medical conditions, including allergies and medications. The paramedics informed our team which hospital they were transporting Ron to, so that we were able to contact Ron’s wife and inform her of the accident and where she could meet them.

Ron is home and healing well now, and his wife contacted us to say how grateful she is for everything that we did during Ron’s emergency; “this is why he never takes off his bracelet.” In your moment of need, you can trust MedicAlert.

MedicAlert Team Member