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Child Is Safely Brought Home After Wandering With the Help of His MedicAlert ID

On a breezy evening last February, Alice was in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner. Her husband was working a late shift and one of her eldest sons was studying over a friend’s house studying.

After a short while of cleaning, she realized she hadn’t seen her 8 year-old son Spencer since he left from the dinner table. Alice called out for him but heard no response. She figured he was in his room playing with his new constructions set so she waited a few more minutes to start looking for him.

After walking down the hallway to his room, and seeing he wasn’t there, she began doing a quick check in all of his hiding spots including the hall closet. After realizing he may have wandered off, she called her husband first. He told her to look in the yards before calling the police.

Spencer suffered a severe brain injury at the young age of 4 and often becomes disoriented. He has extreme difficulty putting his words together and becomes especially overwhelmed when his normal daily routine becomes disrupted.


The Protection of a MedicAlert Medical ID

When Spencer had gone “missing”, Alice immediately panicked knowing how easily disoriented he could become. They had just moved to a new home in the country a few months prior, which is surrounded by almond and peach orchards, so she feared he had wandered and wouldn’t know how to find his way back home.

About 20 minutes after Alice realized Spencer had wandered from home, a neighbor who lived a few acres behind them spotted a boy sitting by a fence on the other side of her yard when she went out to feed her dogs.

Since the family had just recently moved, she didn’t know who Spencer was or that he lived close by. When walking up to him, she tried to ask him if he was lost or just out playing.

He looked up at her, but didn’t respond and just kept looking down and drawing in the dirt with a stick. After a few moments she saw his MedicAlert bracelet that read “brain injury and disoriented- please call this number.”

Thankfully, she was able to get Spencer to walk with her to the back porch. She first called the police and told them the situation. After giving the dispatcher the ID number on Spencer’s bracelet and the number for MedicAlert, the officer told her to sit tight and that they would contact the 1-800 MedicAlert number. 

MedicAlert immediately contacted Alice to let her know the location of her son and that he was safe and unharmed.

“Within minutes of receiving a call from you guys, we were able to pick our son up and get him safely home into bed,” Alice said.

“When I bought the emblem, I had hoped (like any parent) that I would never have to use it. I am so thankful to MedicAlert for bringing my son home safely. I can rest a little better knowing he is protected should something like this happen again.”