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“Thanks to MedicAlert, my family knew my grandmother’s wishes for her end-of-life treatment.”

Story told by granddaughter of MedicAlert member

We knew it was only a matter of time until my grandmother would no longer be with us. After years of living with a weak heart, her health slowly began to deteriorate a few years ago. She lived in an assisted living facility that was absolutely wonderful to her the last few years of her life.

Prior to getting her settled into assisted living, we decided to get her a MedicAlert bracelet. Because of her heart condition and extensive list of medications, we wanted to ensure she received the best possible treatment in the event of an emergency when we couldn't be there. The MedicAlert services we chose included her end-of-life treatment wishes.

She was always very adamant about her end-of–life wishes. If we were not around and something happened to her, our family wanted to make sure her wishes were honored. Enrolling her in MedicAlert was by far the best thing we could have ever done for her.

One evening my mom called me to let me know my grandmother had passed during the night.  When her heart stopped, a nurse at her care facility contacted MedicAlert immediately after calling 911. The MedicAlert representative first informed the nurse of her DNR orders- she under no circumstances wants to be resuscitated or put on a ventilator. They were also very specific about her wishes including her desire to be an organ donor, and refusal to have tube feeding.

Without this information, my grandmother’s end-of-life treatment wishes more than likely wouldn’t have been honored. She was a wonderful woman and our family wanted to honor her requests regardless of how difficult it was to lose her. It gave her and my entire family peace of mind to know she would get the end of life care she wanted.

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