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MedicAlert Personalized ID Ensured Proper Treatment of Woman Experiencing a Seizure While in Shopping Mall Parking Lot

In December 2013, MedicAlert member Jamie Andrews was frantically shopping for last minute Christmas presents when she experienced a seizure due to her epilepsy.

“I was trying to rush through the mall so that I would be on time to pick my husband up at Dallas Fort Worth Airport upon returning from his business trip,” said Jamie.

After going into the last store on her list, Jamie decided to take a short cut through the mall out to the parking lot.  

 “I had a headache for an hour or so that seemed to be getting worse and began feeling dizzy, but thought it was just because I had skipped lunch,” said Jamie, adding “I should’ve known better, but I hadn’t had a seizure in almost 6 months and was taking my meds regularly.”

Jamie never did make it to her car. As her episode was ending she had three strangers standing around her, including a security guard and a medic. Little did she know that a man had witnessed her acting different at the beginning of her episode.

When going to help Jamie, he noticed her epilepsy MedicAlert ID bracelet.  “Thank God he had someone alert mall security and then took it upon himself to call the number on my bracelet,” said Jamie. “I am so grateful that MedicAlert immediately contacted my husband and left a message for him regarding my condition and where I was.”

A security guard and the medic took Jamie to the ambulance to wait for her husband while she was being examined.  

 “I am so grateful the nice gentleman stopped to help me. This was the first time I’ve had to use my MedicAlert services since becoming a customer 15 years ago and I truly thank you for all you do,” adding, “I never leave the house without my bracelet.” 

MedicAlert Team Member