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“Thanks to MedicAlert my husband and I are able to celebrate our 45th anniversary this year.”

Story told by spouse of a MedicAlert member

Two years ago, my husband had a near fatal car accident on his drive home from visiting our daughter; this accident was due to his blood sugar dropping dangerously low. I was out of town when everything occurred, and we are truly blessed that he didn’t injure other drivers on the road that morning.

In the 30 years Bill has been living with Type 1 Diabetes, this was one of his most startling episodes.  Just months before his trip to see our daughter, our family physician had increased his insulin injections to 3 times per day.

With a large snow storm set to come in, he decided to leave that morning at 5am to make the 4-hour drive home. The night before, Bill took his insulin injection earlier than usual, and then with the hurry to get packed and on the road, he skipped his morning injection all together.

From what Bill recalls, it was about two hours into his drive that he began to feel his blood sugar levels drop and his thinking began to grow blurry. Instead of pulling over to the side of the road, he continued to drive as to try and find a place to pull off.

Within what was perhaps a matter of moments, he lost consciousness at the wheel.  I will never know how he didn’t hurt any other drivers, but his car drifted into a snow bank on the side of the interstate.


The Protection of a Diabetes MedicAlert Medical ID

I am not sure if passerby’s called 911 or if a CHP spotted his car first, but our family is truly blessed that he was found so quickly. The CHP officer saw his Diabetes MedicAlert bracelet engraved with “Hyperglycemia-Insulin Dependent” and informed the medics when they arrived.

When being transported to the nearest emergency room, the doctor(s) on call had already been made aware of Bill’s current condition and medical history. MedicAlert contacted me and let me know what had happened, and that my husband was okay and where he was being treated.

I remember being so panicked and relieved at the same time when getting the call from the MedicAlert operator, but she kept me calm. I don’t know what would have happened to my husband sitting there unconscious and parked in the snow if he hadn’t been found immediately, and hadn’t been wearing his bracelet.

“Thank you for what you do, and thank you for helping to give me more years with my husband.”

MedicAlert Team Member