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As a mom, MedicAlert's emergency response service gives me the peace of mind I need.

Erin Brown Conroy's Story

Before joining MedicAlert Foundation

Erin Brown Conroy has 13 children through birth, marriage, and adoption. She’s also an author, parenting coach, professional educator, and speaker who often travels from Southwest Michigan, where she lives with her husband, Shawn, and 10 of their 13 children still living at home. Most of the family members have medical conditions ranging from allergies to penicillin and sulfa to Goldenhar Syndrome and asthma.

After joining MedicAlert Foundation

Whether it’s the shoe tag that her son has, or the bracelet that the rest of the family wears, MedicAlert® membership allows the family to plan ahead. With 13 children, Erin realizes that she is unable to be everywhere at once. By having her children enrolled as members, MedicAlert's 24-hour emergency response service will speak for them if they are unable to speak for themselves and notify her in the event of an emergency.