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MedicAlert Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit membership organization.

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Elizabeth Guarino

Elizabeth Guarino

Before joining MedicAlert Foundation
Elizabeth discovered how severe her food allergies were after having numerous episodes of hives, blood pressure drops, and digestive anaphylaxis. Ultimately, she had a life-threatening reaction in front of a coffee shop resulting in a trip to the emergency room. The doctors who treated her strongly suggested she wear a MedicAlert bracelet for allergies and to not eat nuts or take quinolone-type medications ever again. She immediately joined MedicAlert Foundation.

After joining MedicAlert Foundation
It took a year to discover the severity of her allergies to nuts and shellfish, and aspirin along with a variety of other medications. New to having these allergies, Elizabeth was unaware of how careful she would have to become in reading labels, eating out, and eating other's cooking who often just assumed a product contained no nuts. During this time, she had numerous severe reactions. Elizabeth believes that in more than half of those occasions, her MedicAlert bracelet saved her life.

Elizabeth credits her MedicAlert bracelet for saving her life on more than one occasion.
I know my life was saved because the emergency responders spotted my MedicAlert bracelet.